Essay The First Form Of Assessment

Essay The First Form Of Assessment

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While four year old children are getting evaluated on their IQ results to have the very slim opportunity to attend these elite pre-schools, Finnish students do not take standardized tests until their final year in upper secondary, which is at the age of 19. Although they do not partake in standardized tests, there are three different forms of assessment that take place in Finland. The first form of assessment is the formative assessment. Formative assessment takes place within the classroom and it is mainly used for teachers and students to be aware of their progress and for teachers to give feedback to students in order to encourage them to continue growing. Tests will usually be provided by textbook companies or by teacher associations (Hendrickson, 2012). During the primary school years of basic education, teachers will provide test-like situations without having the student be aware that they are being assessed. This is used more as a learning experience (Hendrickson, 2012). Students will not be given a numerical grade but rather, they have a scale which ranges from very good to needs practice. During the lower secondary years, students are aware that they are being tested. The next form of assessment is summative which is important since failure can prevent students from receiving their certificate of completion. Thus, this is more of an end of the year exam in lower secondary and upper secondary which will have verbal and numerical grading from four to 10, with five being a passing grade. However, teachers do not solely use the grades from the final exams. They will have a portfolio with the yearly assessments of students and the work students have done in grades eight and nine. The formal term for the exam given for upper ...

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...terview. Being accepted at the university is clearly a lengthy process but this is due to the importance of selecting people who have the potential to create innovative ideas and guide students in their learning. During their time in university, students will be expected to use research, pedagogical content knowledge and show their skills in a clinical setting (OECD, 2011). Teachers are in a way viewed as researchers because they are expected to be critical of their work and they are expected to be innovative and come up with new ideas. This research-based outlook can also reflect on students and allow them to be analytical and try to solve educational problems. Because of the extensive training that is provided for the future, many of them perform adequately. Teachers are trusted with the responsibility to design lessons and teach students to learn their material.

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