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First Experience At The Right Time Essays

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1.) First Experience: The first experience that I remember as a memorable day was when my children and I adopted our cat. I let my daughter chose between six kittens, but then I chose her name, Luna, moon in Italian. She is just a cat, but she was like a baby to us, cried at night and kept us awake, playing with her during the day and laugh at the funny things she did. It was a tough time for us, especially for my husband. He was very vulnerable and depressed, when we were out for school and work he would stay home take care of her keeping him busy. She is attached to my children particularly to my son Gabriele because he is also very gentle with her. She would like to come in my room, but I don’t allowed her to do it, if I don’t see her, she will snicky in and go under my bed. I believe she came in our family at the right time.
2.) Scar Stories: The scar story that I want to talk about are the one two Dalmatians left in my body. During that time, 2007, I was working for Maricopa County Long term disability helping people in their houses. One special client, asked me to help her friend in the house, and because she was living really close to my house I accepted. It was September 30, we had just bought a house and move in on Sep. 1st, my daughter that morning did not wanted to let me go, she knew that lady had two dogs that barked at me all the time. That was the third time, the dogs were always outside, but this time the owner, coming from errands, instead of letting me go, decided to say hi to her dogs in the backyard. As soon she opened the door, the dogs pushed themselves inside and stared to assault me. At first I thought they were licking me, but then I realized that they were biting. Somehow I was on the floor with the owner...

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...s sitting by Alice’s bed side, watching TV, and while she was sleeping breathing heavily, I was holding her hands and singing the song: “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine….” I turned my head to watch TV for a second and turn back to her still holding her hands, and she wasn’t breathing. I jumped out of the chair and I started panicking and asking her: “please wait for Barry.” After few seconds he came and saw that I was agitated and he said: “don’t worry Anna, that’s what she wanted, I am ok with that.” He called the nurse that came to wash and prepare her. I was still in shock and afraid to touch her, but the nurse told me that we still needed to respect her, so I helped wash and dress Alice. For few days I slept with the lights on in the closet near my side of the bed. Alice’s son, Barry became a really good friend of our family. He became like a father to me.

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