The First Emperor Of Rome Essay

The First Emperor Of Rome Essay

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The First Emperor of Rome

Octavian was a man larger than life. He was a multifaceted man destined to lead from an early age. The most difficult part about studying this man is accepting that he can 't be fully understood. He was complex, and it is often tricky to discern the exact motivations behind his actions. His leadership style was clever and fresh and was integral in the reshaping of Rome to his liking. This method of leadership was unquestionably intertwined with who he was as a person. While his persona, how he interacted with and was seen by his people, underwent transitional periods, his personality remained constant. The path that lead him to be Rome 's first emperor was rough and not without errors, but through it all, he upheld the same virtues throughout. This is best presented by reflecting on four major events and periods in Octavian 's life: His acceptance of Julius Caesar 's posthumous adoption, his early politicking, his brutality during the time of the Second Triumvirate, his rise to ultimate power after the fall of Mark Antony, and his governing and expansion of the Roman Empire.
He was born Gaius Octavius into a Plebeian family in the year 63 BCE. (*) His father was part of an influential Roman family, yet one that lacked nobility. (*) His mother, however, was the niece of Julius Caesar himself. (*) This connection made Octavian Caesar 's closest male descendant. (*) Early on, Octavian showed prowess in a variety of fields. Somewhere between the ages of nine and twelve, he is said to have delivered an oration at his grandmother 's funeral. (*) He caught Caesar 's eye more specifically in Spain, and the two grew close. Caesar made Octavius “Master of the Cavalry”, and sent him to train in Apollonia to train...

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...order to judge who he was. On the outside, he was a figure steeped in grandeur. In the public 's eyes, he was everything a leader was supposed to be. Rome was greater than it had ever been, and the citizens knew they owed the majority of their happiness to him. However, a psychoanalysis of the man would paint a much more complicated picture. He was above all else, very careful. Aside from some hiccups in his use, Augustus always made sure his plans well thought out, and executed perfectly. He very much understood how to bide his time in order to gain bigger rewards in the long run. It was this that set him apart from his predecessors. Where others ran headfirst into betrayal, failure, and death, Augustus weighed all of his options and came out on top of the world 's largest empire. “...he had found [Rome] built of brick and left it in marble.” (Suetonius 167)

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The First Emperor Of Rome Essay

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