Essay on The First Duty Of A Prince

Essay on The First Duty Of A Prince

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The first duty of a prince is to maintain power and acquire more. What does this mean? What is duty and what is power? If the princes of Machiavelli’s time followed his advice and searched only for power, what does this mean for the people? The first priority of a prince or ruler should be to better the people and to protect them. Machiavelli stated that ones duty, as a prince is to be as powerful as can be, but as a ruler the first priority should be the people, and as a prince, to be selfless, good, and wise.
Duty is a moral or legal obligation, in other words, to serve what is good for the people. The prince’s duty should be to protect and better the people. This does not, in the least, fit with Machiavelli’s first duty. Power is a gift. One that cannot be taken lightly, for if used negligently to the ill of mankind. Many can be hurt, including the one wielding the power.
Machiavelli hinted that the princes of his time should put their selfish desires ahead of the people’s welfare. It’s almost pitiful; the person in power should be selfless to his kingdom and act for the good of the people. But instead, if he uses the rules of Machiavelli and decides for his own pleasure, to gain more power he wouldn’t be eligible to rule not even a small town. Why become a ruler if you are only to serve yourself? The role of a ruler is a very sacrificing and selfless one: to put the people before your own aspiration. Is it good to acquire power and put the people at risk: absolutely not. While it can’t be the first rule, Machiavelli’s regulation can prove to be useful in some way. The prince may search to acquire more power if it is to provide stability for the people in some shape or form.
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...n’t follow at all what the first rule should have been. If a ruler was to follow Machiavelli’s rule then a superior way of gaining power could be to conquer the nations surrounding them. If this monarch is constantly gone to gain more countries the people will be neglected but their king lustful for power. Another way to prove his selfish motives was he constantly spoke of how to over power the people a prince would rule. One ruler in Rome’s time acted dissimilarly, he stayed with his people and enforced their wellbeing. Same with the valiant woman St. Joan of arch, she was good therefore the soldiers did her command willingly and happily. In conclusion, Machiavelli had his priorities all wrong. A good ruler would put the people far above the want for power. To have a prince maintain his power and acquire more is and should be far from the first priority of a ruler.

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