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The First Draft Of Writing Essay

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When the lady in the video started to talk about writing the first draft of any piece of writing, I had the same feeling of her. The fear of a blank sheet of paper is usual. The description of the first drafts and how she suffers from writing to her audience who is very judgmental is very common. In addition, she talked about her trials to describe the taste of the food in written words, which seemed to be very simple. However, she let herself write whatever she thought, because she knows that no one will read this shitty draft. I have the same feeling of the writer when I write my first draft in a very ridiculous style. But the first draft is to just let the jar (your mind) pour all the things (sounds) into the paper in a written-words form. And she explained that the second draft is where a writer usually can rewrite or restate the sentences in a more professional manner. In my view, this is the most convenient process to follow in order to write a very perfect paper, even if you have to write very shitty drafts at first.

Journal 2, (21st Sep. 2015)
Students who enroll in colleges have different dreams based on their ambitions and their talents, including making their families proud of them or they might be seeking for science and knowledge. However, most of them have no idea about the debt they will be strapped in. The debt represents a serious problem that faces all students, because it increases exponentially. Therefore, many students choose to get a job beside their education. However, this, obviously, does not solve the problem; it only relieve the debt. And for those who graduate, they usually are not able to build their life, marry or start their career. They only look for multiple jobs to pay their debt. Some of them ...

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...y, etc.) to a word to create a new noun can be very painful, because you are, actually, making the sentence very complex to understand. I faced this problem as a reader and as a writer. Sometimes when I read articles, especially historical ones, I find a plenty of nominalized words, which make it very difficult to even infer or imply the meaning. The video showed several examples of these zombie nouns, which sounds impressive at first, but when a sentence contains many of these words, it becomes ambiguous. As a writer, sometimes I feel that I need to nominalize words –create a new word by adding a suffix. For me, such words are fully understood. However, when any person read this piece of writing, he/she cannot easily understand it or does not understand it at all. Therefore, successful writers try to stay away from these “zombie nouns” and keep their sentence alive.

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