The First Day of School Essay

The First Day of School Essay

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Grumbling, Nina Young stumbled out of her bed. The first thing she did was look outside at the raindrops that drummed on her window. As Nina tripped over her alarm, she remembered why she was awake at such an early hour.
“OH NO!” It was the first day of school.
Nina ran out the door ten minutes late wearing her school uniform which was a white button down and a black circle skirt. Nina hadn’t even eaten anything after saying goodbye to her parents, but she could handle hunger. What she couldn’t handle was being late. Luckily, she knew her way around Bayview, which was good considering she’s been in Japan for the past two years.
“Goodbye Nina.”
“It won’t be too long, don’t you dare forget me.”
He grinned. “See you around Nina.”
‘I wonder if he’s different,’ Nina thought to herself. She dismissed the idea. He had never really changed in the 10 years they’ve been friends.
Bayview High had come into view, a colossal staircase, lined both sides of the building leading to a balcony on the roof. Suddenly, image of a snapping tree branch flashed in Nina's mind. It had troubled her since that day.
It was a gorgeous summer day, and six year old Nina Young was sitting on a branch, whistling, on the tree in her yard, one that went over the fence. Until, she heard a voice through the leaves.
She found a boy standing under her. He was about her age, his hair was dark like his eyes.
“Hi!” Nina smiled at him, but he frowned.
“I can't see you.” It was Nina's turn to frown. Her mother warned her about the branches over the fence, but she wanted to meet him, so she decided to be brave. Nina went over to the weaker branches and finally saw him, the boy looked up.
“Hi,” he said, “Who are you?”
“I’m Nina Young, what's your n...

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... can't walk into class like this!”
The three boys looked at each other. Ashton and Mason were just damp, and David didn't really care that his upper body was now for the viewing. Then Ashton had a brilliant idea.
“David, do you still have your varsity jacket in your locker?”
David glanced at Ashton for a moment. Wow, the moron had a good idea. The group raced to David’s locker and he grabbed his jacket, which Nina took immediately. She looked at the left side and the first thing that she saw was a cherry blossom pin.
“I got you something.”
Nina handed him a box. The pair were at the airport along with Nina’s parents, a few minutes before Nina would depart.
David raised an eyebrow. “Aren't I the one who’s supposed to give you the present?”
Nina shrugged. “You’ve given me enough.” she pointed to the set of keys around her neck. “I wanted you to remember me every day.

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