First Day Of A First Time Place Essay

First Day Of A First Time Place Essay

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First Day in a First Time Place
I walk down the large cramped hall trying not to be trampled. It was all new for me, I saw the little cliques all around me all asking, “Who is the new kid?”. No one knew my name or anything about me. I grew up being popular and well liked kid and I always liked to be a little part of every clique. It was terrifying to be dumped somewhere that I had no friends. The whole first day I kept my head down and stayed in my own little world. I had never been shy because I grew up with the kids I had left behind on day 2. I felt I had a pretty good grasp of which clique was which who were best friends who were dating each other. When I showed up that morning I sat down with a group of guys that later become my best friends all the way through high school one became a linebacker with me so we hung out more at practice than the other guys then there was our receiver fastest kid to have ever gone through Clifton and there was a 5’10 300 lbs. giant who kind of scared me in the beginning he had a mean look on his face. I was worried about how I was going to start a conversation with them but the moment I sat down we all started talking. I had moved in order to be closer to this prestigious rodeo coach where I met 4 more lifelong friendships it did not take me long before I knew the whole school however getting them all to accept me was a whole different story. The football team was the first on my list I knew I had to have their loyalty and respect before any others which proved to be no easy task try outs came along and I took the position of a well-liked person of the team. I knew that wasn’t going to be easy to get passed this team had been playing together since flag football. Yet I still persisted on tryin...

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...chool we would go to church and almost see the whole class there on Sunday and weren’t afraid to talk about church at school. We were not angels by any means however. Before long I knew what was going on in everyone’s life as they did mine. I had tried to become a member of the class for so long and tried so hard that I still remember the day I realized I loved my whole class and they accepted and loved me back sadly that was the day we graduated I had invited my whole class out to my ranch for a graduation get together and spent the whole day setting up with my new found friends every class mate attended that get together as a final time we would all be together. I realize now the best things in life you have to give 100% but I’m so glad I put in the time and effort to get to know those great people who I will have a memory that will never leave me with each of them.

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