The First Dance Of Dance Essay

The First Dance Of Dance Essay

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As the Scanning the Horizon show started and I saw the first dance, I thought it was a strange dance and I thought it would be the only strange dance. As the other numbers continued I really did not like any of the styles of dances. I thought they were very strange and not what I am used to seeing at dance shows. All of the dances seemed to be the same style and I was very disappointed. None of the dances had many turn sections or jump and leaps; it was mostly just hand motions. Another thing I noticed was there was not any ballet or jazz dances; it was mostly lyrical or contemporary. I did not enjoy the music choice either. It all sounded the same. It is hard for me to critique the dances because it all sounded like the same and had similar movements. There was not really anything that stuck out in any of the dances to make me really remember it from the others.
The first dance I picked to critique was the very first one, 1,500 miles to Budapest choreographed by Jennifer Keller. I did not like this dance at all; I was so confused the entire time. I can tell by the title that it does have a story line but I was confused the whole time, so I do not know what the story line was. The main thing that stood out to me the most was their feet; they were so loud when they landed or jumped. Usually teachers tell you when you land to make it quiet, but I felt like it was part of the dance The pounding of their feet took my attention away from the dancers. The dancers were good, but I don’t think they really danced as much as they could have. It was more walking around and sitting on the ground. I did not like the music choice. I also did not like the costume choice at all. I did not like how you could not see the dancer’s...

... middle of paper ... was her loud feet when she landed or ran. I think it went with the story line when she was upset and pounding on the ground in anger. Slowly throughout the dance the lights changed from bright and white to light blue. I think the blue lights represented the sky and slowly the person that was dying was meeting God. This dance was a great dance altogether and had a great meaning to it.
Overall, other than the music and choreography being different than I was used to, I thought it was a good performance. I give every single student that choreographed a piece a lot of credit because it is not easy. It may look easy to the audience, but trying to make everything perfect so it all flows and works just right with the music is hard, especially because the music does not have lyrics. All of the dancers that participated in the show did a great job as well.

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