Essay on The First Crime Recorded in the First Book of the Bible

Essay on The First Crime Recorded in the First Book of the Bible

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How far would one have to think back in history that the first reported criminal trial happened? Would it be similar or different than the ones held today? What would it be about? Would the punishment be similar to ones that are issued today? This article by William R. Riddell gives the audience an inside look to what happened in history on that fateful day.
This particular crime was recorded, but it wasn't until the first century of our era that was shown to our world. Since the record was in an ancient piece of document, Riddell is wanting to bring out the fact that he is not writing this article as a story but as breaking the story down as a lawyer for the audience. Any guesses as to what might be this first crime? It was all based from a lie. A simple white lie that couldn't possibly do any harm. The Bible was written in Hebrew thousands of years ago. The first crime was reported in the “first book” of the Bible, Genesis. After God made the heavens and Earth, he made man. The first man, Adam, was told by God to not eat the fruit on the tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden(which was Adam's home at the time). “From ever tree which in the park, eat thou food, but from the tree of knowing good and evil, eat ye not from that, but in whatever day ye eat from that ye will die by death.” (Riddell, 1916) Soon, God gave Adam a companion to live with him in the garden. Adam told Eve, the woman, to not eat of the fruit of the the tree in the middle of the garden. Riddell thinks that he paraphrased what exactly God told him when he told Eve the rule. Therefore, Eve only knew the law and not the consequences of what would happen if that law shall break. One day, the serpent coerced her into taking a piece of fruit from the forbid...

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...ges need to focus on the right kind of punishment to give to individuals, instead of “diagnosing the wrong treatment” for their “patients”. This metaphor is used again to emphasize that trial judges and physicians are similar because they misdiagnose a patient, and society has to deal with the reprecussions of what that patient(or criminal) would bring back into society. A lot of the time, prisoners are released due to lack of funding to keep them locked up for their entire sentence, because jails and prisons are becoming too overcrowded. The judges are punishing the wrong people harsher than the ones who actually deserve to be in there and letting the wrong people out too soon, just so they can “save money and lessen prison overcrowding.” According to this article, the criminal justice system need to reevaluate their priorities when it comes down to their patients.

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