Essay on The First Class Of The Day I Observed At College Station High School

Essay on The First Class Of The Day I Observed At College Station High School

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The first class of the day I observed at College Station High School was Ms. Bedell’s freshman resource English class. The class consisted of 6 boys and 2 girls. Only 3 students were of a minority race of Hispanic or African American. Her classroom was set up so that her desk was in the front corner of the room and the students’ desks were all facing forward in sets of 2 around the room. The majority of the classrooms at College Station High School have a wall that is all windows. I came from a high school that had nearly no windows, and I think that creates a dark and negative learning environment. Her rules of the room were show respect, use appropriate topics, words, and tone of voice, follow directions, and keep hands, feet, and objects to self. Ms. Bedell stood outside of the classroom and welcomed students as they came into the classroom. They were instructed to come in to room, grab their journals, and work on their bell work. I liked the approach Ms. Bedell took on the bell work her assignment. The bell work for the day was to write one multiple choice and one true-false question over certain chapters of a book they had just completed in class. Ms. Bedell threatened to take away points from students if they were not quietly working on their bell work. Once the bell rang, she let the students know she was going to play the movie from the book that the class had just completed. Her style while talking to the students was relaxed and on the students’ level. As the movie played, Ms. Bedell pointed out differences between the book and the movie. She also handed out a worksheet that they were to turn in for a grade once they have completed watching the movie. Ms. Bedell definitely used this movie as an asset to her unit over Per...

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...ined multiple videos that she would pause and discuss with the students. She noticed that the students started to lose focus, so she stopped the lesson for the day and handed out the worksheet. Mrs. Angelette used the smartboard to practice a couple of the examples before letting the students start on their own. Through all of my observations, I have realized that it is crucial for teachers to be able to go with the flow and change plans at the drop of a hat. There was no point for her to go on with today’s lesson because she would have had to go over it again before testing them anyways. The students in the class are no different than the rest of the students at College Station High School, but they do learn a little differently. Since this class is so small, Mrs. Angelette is able to take her time with each lesson and ensure that all students are on the same page.

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