The First Child Named Benjamin Franklin Essay

The First Child Named Benjamin Franklin Essay

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Born and raised by a Puritan soap maker who had seventeen children, the tenth child named Benjamin Franklin would become one of the most famous scientists, writers, inventors and hold a very important role in the American Revolution. He was the youngest son therefor he had no inheritance, however, he had the willpower to succeed and lived out the tale of rags to riches. Franklin started working at the age of 12 as an apprentice for his brother, but discontent with his job as an apprentice he ran away at the age of 17. He eventually made it to Philadelphia with nothing but two coins to rub together, one in which he tipped to the man who took him to Philadelphia on a boat. He started working there and was offered money to go to London to get printing materials, however, once he got to London the man financing the trip backed out leaving Franklin to work there for two years to make money for printing equipment. He then later returned to Philadelphia and opens a print shop starting the newspaper “Pennsylvania Gazette” which was independent freedom loving in 1728.
Almanacs were popular during the 18th century because they entailed details of planting dates for farmers, weather predictions and patterns, etc. It became apparent that the writers who produced a yearly almanac that intrigued readers with information and entertainment had a high chance of making a fortune. Franklin decided to jump on that opportunity creating “Poor Richard’s Almanac” in 1733. The character Poor Richard Saunders is a humorous character yet one that is relatable to the people who are reading Poor Richard’s Almanac. He describes himself as a poor man needing to take care of his wife who complains a lot and seems to be annoyed with the fact that Richard spend...

... middle of paper ... such as The American Colonial Postal system that was made to distribute content which in turn tied together all of the print shops and newspapers helping friends on the coastal colonies stay connected. He also in later years invented what are now called bifocals, he discovered many things about electricity performing various experiments such as the famous key on the kite string experiment, which later led him to invent the lightning rod. A fun fact that many people don’t know is that he invented “swim fins” they are different from the foot flipper’s that divers wear today because the swim fins were oval shaped and went on your hands. Franklin is one of our nation’s founding fathers and all of his hard work, innovations, and contributions to America and what it took to make America what it is today made us gladly put Benjamin Franklin’s face on the U.S. $100 bill.

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