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The First Camera, Fashion Photography Essays

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Research is an important thing if you want to state facts; research is also good in any career field. Say one of my clients wanted a photograph in their culture style and I didn’t know anything about their culture. I would go and do research on that style and look at examples so I can convey that style in my work. I always want my clients to be happy so if I have to do research I will. The five topics I will conduct research on is the first camera, fashion photography, how marriage should be harder to obtain, body language in an interview, and gender differences in advertising.

The first camera was the camera obscura, which has been around since the 19th century. It was a dark box with a hole in it; the light would come through the hole and makes an upside down image on the other side of the box. Back then it was used for sketching the image you see from looking in the hole. Joseph Niepce took the first image; he used chemicals to make an image and not a sketch. The camera obscura really paved the way for photography we now have digital cameras with mirrors and some still with film.

Fashion photography has been around for 100 years; it all started with Edward Steichen who photographed the gowns made by Paul Poiret. He used lighting to give the clothing the main focus but still work well with the model. He then started working with vogue and paved the way for advertising fashion; his photography techniques are still used today. Then in 1934 photographer, Alexey Brodovitch was the art director for Harper’s Bazaar and he used typography for his advertisements. He started a class and taught Irving Penn, Eve Arnold, and Richard Avedon. All of those photographers go and create new ways for fashion photography. Richard Avedon started ...

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... cars. It is very rare that you see men in ads cleaning the house or women driving fast fancy cars. The media sculpts our opinion of how we see the world and how we look at the different genders. Debra Pryor and Nancy Knupfer say that teaching children critical viewing skills and helping them become aware of stereotypes.

If I were to choose to write an essay on body language or gender differences I would choose body language. To me it is a more interesting topic and it is something that I was always fascinated in. I think it can help with my career because I can read the body language of my clients to see if they are happy with my services and it can also help me read the body language of a potential employee. I also would like to know when someone is lying to me or trying to deceive me in anyway. I think reading body language could help me in any area of my life.

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