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First, Break All The Rules

What The World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently

Book Report
Samantha Cordon
ENGL 3303
Dr. Hudson
November 4, 2015

First, Break All The Rules
What the World’s Greatest Manager’s Do Differently
In order for a company to be successful, the employees must have a leader who can motivate and guide them. That is the role of a manager. The best managers in the world are different in all aspects, except that they break set boundaries and take risks to thrive in the business world. The methods that may seem unconvientional and unethical to most, are what sets apart good managers from great ones.
Over a span of 25 years, the Gallup Organization interviewed over one million employees asked each of them one hundred questions. They used these interviews to identify the challenges of many companies and explain how great managers attract, hire, and keep their most talented employees.
The first step in running a successful company is identifying what employee needs must be fulfilled in order for the best employees to stay longer and perform to the best of their ability.
The six most important employee needs are:
1. To know what is expected of them.
2. To have the materials and equipment needed to do the job well.
3. To have the opportunity to do what they are best at.
4. To receive recognition for work done well.
5. To have someone at work who cares about them as a person.
6. Have a supervisor who encourages their development.
After creating an environment that fulfills the needs of your employees, there are four keys to success that must be followed. The first key is to search for your employee’s talents. Normally, managers try to hire those with experience, intellect and determi...

... middle of paper ... would also benefit employees. Its methods can be useful to all types of companies, as proven by the broad research. If an employee reads this book, it will help them better understand how the company will run and how they can use their strengths to help develop the company. I believe managers can set up a presentation on this book for their employees and this would put everyone on the same page toward their goals.

This book covers exactly what employees need to deliver extraordinary results, and the four key things managers need to do to create the environment that makes those extraordinary results possible. The insights of these managers are not just for certain companies or a fad, they work in the real world. These ideas, thoughtfully implemented, have created workplaces where high productivity, high profit, low employee turnover and high customer satisfaction.

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