Essay The First Australian Professional Teaching Standard

Essay The First Australian Professional Teaching Standard

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The first Australian Professional Teaching Standard is ‘Know students and how they learn’(AITSL, 2011). Understanding how students learn is a significant component of effective teaching (1.2 AITSL, 2011). Furthermore, effective teachers require an understanding of students physical, social and intellectual development and characteristics (1.1 AITSL, 2011). In addition, APST Standards require teachers to demonstrate both content and pedagogical knowledge through lesson plans (2.1 AITSL, 2011) with the curriculum content being structured and sequenced to facilitate effective learning (2.2 AITSL, 2011). However, it is also critical to have a repertoire of teaching strategies which are responsive to a diverse range of student backgrounds, including linguistic, cultural, religious, and socioeconomic (1.3 AITSL, 2011). An effective learning, in accordance with The Australian Curriculum and Assessment Reporting Authority, provides learners with general capabilities (knowledge, skills, behaviours and characteristics) and include understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island students learning needs and incorporate differentiated teaching methods to meet the needs of specific students’ abilities (1.4 - 1.5 AITSL, 2011; Australian Curriculum; 2014). Knowing and understanding your students’ learning requirements may also require an understanding of legislation in regard to students with a disability (1.6 AITSL, 2011). Therefore the effective lessons plans to accomplish the ‘Every Student Succeeding’ policy (Education Queensland, 2016), will evolve through improvement and refinement, which Churchill et al. (2011) refer to as ‘reflective practice’ and APST Standards 6, in particular 6.3, which emphasizes the importance o...

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...kills. To become an authentic and effective teacher, I will need to know my students and how they learn, as outlined in The Australian Professional Teaching Standards (1.1 - 1.6 AITSL, 2011). Furthermore, to create the most effective learning environment for my students, I will need to continue to learn and improve my current skills and knowledge (6.1 - 6.4 AITSL, 2011).
Furthermore I will continually work towards, enhancing my content knowledge and incorporating effective teaching strategies (2.1 & 2.2 AITSL, 2011). And remain mindful of the need for numeracy and literacy skills across all disciplines (2.5 AITSL, 2011). I feel that through experience and transformation in these areas I will achieve a more effective, engaging and positive learning environment for all students as well as a deeper understanding of the Australian Professional Teaching Standards.

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