Essay on First Amendment Right - Freedom Of The Press

Essay on First Amendment Right - Freedom Of The Press

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1. First Amendment Right – Freedom of the Press.
According to the U.S. constitution and thereunder the first amendment, the press is said to be free, and the government cannot legally prohibit this freedom. Overall, the press holds an enormous responsibility. It is the watchdog of the community, the guarder of the government and the public. They provide an unofficial form of checks and balances on the government by informing the public on what the government is doing. Through this, they can persuade the public to view things in from one perspective or another. They have been given the constitutional right to do this. Do they really do this freely put under the control and supervision of those who they report on?According to the World Press Freedom the U.S. is ranked as the 49th nation in freedom of the press, due to the government 's frequent press on the media to reveal sources and material (from my shield law paper). Throughout the years, the government has tried to both sentence to jail and bankrupt journalists in an effort to force them to reveal their sources. Some newsrooms experience to be subpoenaed more than 25 times a year, and many news editors experience that the government reaches new heights in its effort to make journalists testify. One example is the blogger Joshua Selassie “Josh” Wolf who went to jail in California for 226 days after refusing to release a video he recorded of a protest. Also, a study from Brigham Young University revealed that media representatives received 7,200 subpoenas in one year (in 2006), and 800 of these came from the federal government (from my shield law paper).
Three court rulings in 1979 and 1971 were heard as one by the Supreme Court in 1972 (Branzburg v. Hayes, cha...

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...e it into housing that only rich people can afford. That way we get a more balanced article.
(I assume that you have written the wrong name in one of the quotes, and that it is supposed to say Ms. Jie, and not Ms. Thang.) Even though Ms. Jie might be both fat and lazy, I do not see the point of publishing these insults. Especially since it is said in conjunction with accusations that she is only there to stuff herself with food. It might impact her reputation because it says something negative about the job she is doing as a food blogger/writer. It is hard to verify that this is the reason why she moves there. An option would be to edit the quote to just “Look at Ms. Jie! Why does she even need a place down here?” It is natural for the protestors to ask questions, and this will show the newspaper 's readers that the protestors paid attention to this new resident too.

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