The Fire Service Of A Firefighter Essay

The Fire Service Of A Firefighter Essay

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Erik Overton
Mrs. Wright
English III
7 November 2014
The Fire Service

On average, two hundred and twenty three firefighters are hurt on the job every day. That equals up to forty one thousand and seventy injured firefighters every year. These injuries set firefighters out of the job for weeks if not even months. Even though they only work ten or twelve days out of the month, most of these injured firefighters do not have other jobs that can support them. Then there are the firefighters whose injuries do not allow them to go back into service as a firefighter. Most of these injured firefighters have ever only been in the fire service. But what they don’t know is, even though firefighting is the most popular, there are many more interesting fields available in the fire service.
The history of firefighting dates all the way back to 24 B.C.. Emperor Augustus is the one who is actually credited with the creation of the fire service. His first idea was the “famillia publica.” The famillia publica was a fire department in which slaves were the actual fire fighters. This was largely a disappointment because using slaves as firefighters is a bad idea. They had no incentive to work, the slaves had more to gain if they let the fire spread than they had if they put the fire out. After about ten years of work, Augustus disbanded the familia publica and used soldiers instead. This new plan was more successful because when the soldiers responded to the fires, they were rewarded with money and sometimes even the affections of women, (NA-ED).
This way of using soldiers as firefighters was used all the way up till 1830. This is when the idea of using volunteers and just average people came about. Although nobody is actually given credit for this i...

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...what field to be in occurs. For example, do they want to make turnout gears, discover better ways to extinguish fires, or design fire trucks themselves, (SHRM). Fire safety engineers can make anywhere from $60,000 a year to $112,000 a year, and that is just starting pay. But there is still much debt left from college as it is a six and or an eight year degree, (SHRM).
The job of a fire safety inspector is the simpler of the jobs. Fire safety directors are required, but some cities, to be used at large facilities such as manufacturing plants. They make escape routes for the workers in case of a fire, train others to help with leading them out and putting out a fire, check the operation of the sprinkler system, and check for fire code violations in the facility. To become a fire safety director, one must have at least three years of experience and a high school diploma.

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