The Fire House Rock By Angel Escorts Essay

The Fire House Rock By Angel Escorts Essay

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“I felt the Earth move under my feet” could be the beat of the Book of Acts. These men hit the pavement or the dirt road with the good news of Jesus Christ. They were bold and full of zeal as they put the Great Commission in ACTion. It was a daily lifestyle of surrender that prompted them to be fire starters, first to the Jews and then the Gentiles. They were willing to suffer exponentially for the cause of Christ with days of imprisonment and a possible hard rock execution. The threats from the religious leaders were nothing more than “dust in the wind” to those who were filled with the Holy Spirit. Cease and desist commands or die promises from people who meant harm to the early Christians were met with an attitude of “go ahead and make my day”. “To be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord” (2 Cor 5:8). These pace setters performed the “jail house rock” with angel escorts as they meandered through the prison compound to safety. Their provisions were met by an almighty God who took great pleasure in ordering their steps. They had the ability to heal the sick without the use of medicine, and there was no hocus pocus as they raised the dead to life by using simple words. Each day counted and mattered as they took every opportunity and often times, creating an opportunity to share salvation through the Lord’s Christ. “When Peter saw he had a congregation, he addressed the people” (Acts 3:12). The anointing on Peter’s life propelled him to speak to the onlookers who just witnessed a healing miracle. Peter left no stone unturned as he proclaimed the Israelites ignorant involvement in the crucifixion of Jesus. His message earned him and John a time out in the county jail, but not before five thousand believed...

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...atest gift on Earth. His humility spoke volumes to a group of women who had traveled from the States to see God do what only God could do in Honduras. As we ministered to him and his family, God blessed us all with the eternal experience and wrote it on our Spirits. This pastor’s complete dependence on God’s provisions compares to the examples set forth in the lives of the disciples and apostles.
The early church sold their worldly possessions and redistributed the money to the poor. They provided a better quality of life for widows and orphans allowing them to navigate through tumultuous and devastating days. They went without luxuries to afford the less fortunate an opportunity to have the bare necessities for daily living. “A recent poll by pollster George Barna shows that only 5% of Americans say they tithe, or give at least 10% of their income to religious

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