Fire Fighting Career Research Paper

Fire Fighting Career Research Paper

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Dropping everything he’s doing Joe quickly runs to the fire poll and proceeds to exits the building, sirens soaring over head, and fire truck engines starting up, he rushes to slip on his gear, he feels good about himself knowing he’s a hero, he holds his helmet under his right arm, and jumps on the bright shiny red fire truck, he taps the sparkling smooth metal twice, and they pull out of the fire station, as they arrive at the house, he spots the bright red and orange fire, instantly everything slows down, and his heart speeds up, other than the thrill and overall well-being of this career. Job duties, Salaries, Requirements, Hours, and other information about this career are also something to think about.
The job duties and training set to be a firefighter varies from which occupational source one chooses to be. Experts say, “Control and extinguish fires or respond to emergency situations where life property or the environment is at risk.”( online). In other words firefighters are obligated to do the tasks required of them. Another source states, “Include fire prevention, emergency medical source, hazardous material response, search and rescue, and disaster management.”( online). Another way to explain this is firefighters have many dangers they have to look out for. As one website says, “Fire fighters spend much of their time at the fire station.”( online). Obviously, firefighters spend their time waiting on a call. Experts say, “Abilities Learned – problem sensitivity, - reaction time, - arm hand steadiness, - manual dexterity, - multi-limb coordination, - response orientation.”( online). In other words, as a firefighter you learn problem...

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...benefits of the job. The hours of which a firefighter works varies on the event occurred or the position in this particular occupation. This job in general is a great chance for opportunity, due to ones expectations of this career this job may not suit every individual, but may bring a spark or compassion if one must say to an everyday life situation.

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