Fingerprint Is The Best Password Essay

Fingerprint Is The Best Password Essay

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1A. Nowadays, people started to consider security as the main priority. Therefore as a result, electronics companies included some technologies like finger print system in their products, such as manufacturing firms for computers/laptop, mobile departments and so on. I think fingerprint is the best password. Fingerprint system is a high-level security for personal usage which can be used for personal computer systems in government sectors, where the data can be protected by only one person. However, acquiring the password is an easy way as this can protect the systems with high standards of security. Also, as each person has his/her own finger prints which are unique. This would help only the owner of the compute to login. But by following this procedure, it would be difficult for others who may want to borrow the computer.
In my opinion finger print system may cause inconvenience to other people. I don’t think other people will use our computer every time so we can still use the fingerprint ID as our security system. The reason is that there is “password” screen as a secondary secu...

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