The Findings Of Mendel 's Laws Essay

The Findings Of Mendel 's Laws Essay

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In order to confirm the findings of Mendel’s laws, we conducted a dihybrid cross of Brassica rapa Fast Plants. Among the parent progeny was a homozygous sample for non-purple (aa) stems and yellow-green (yy) leaves. It was crossed with an unknown sample with non-purple stems (aa) and green leaves (Yy or yy). Once we provided the plants with a proper environment to allow growth, the F1 progeny displayed the phenotype we had predicted with non-purple stems and green leaves. DNA had then been extracted from P1, P2, and F1 progeny using a Zymo Plant/Seed DNA Mini Prep Kit. Using PCR, the DNA from the samples had been amplified in the agarose gel image. Our gel images displayed two bands for our P1, P2, and F1 DNA samples. Due to the fact that the F1 progeny phenotype and genotype confirmed our initial hypothesis we can verify the principles of Mendel’s laws.
The discoveries uncovered by Gregor Mendel have since altered the way that researcher’s understand inheritance and genetics. Through the experiments he conducted on the P. Sativum he was able to cultivate a better understanding of the relationship between hereditary traits and genetics (Pierce 2014). After years of experiments, Mendel was able to generate principles relating to the inheritance that has since been referred to as Mendelian Laws. Among these laws is the principle of segregation, which deduces that an individual diploid organism has two alleles for a characteristic and one allele from each parent is given to their own gamete. The alleles then separate in equal proportions when the parent gametes are combined to fertilize. Through this finding and the use of monohybrid crossings, Mendel was able to uncover the mystery of dominant and recessive traits. Anot...

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...needs to be an optimal environment for their growth to occur within 40 to 45 days. A place that provides continuous fluorescent light such as a light bank should be used. The light sources must be placed in an area that will implement a constant temperature. The temperature should remain within 65 to 78 °F. To be able to plant the seeds, it’s important to use the correct potting mix and fertilizer that will help the plant to grow within the ideal time frame. Included in many fast plant kits is a light potting mix that allows for aeration ( In order for the fast plants to grow quickly, a continuous supply of water must be provided. We had put just enough water so that it begins to leak from the bottom of the pot, which is approximately 1-2 inches. It was up to group members to regularly check on if the water levels were adequate (Fullerton 2015, p.12).

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