Finding Your Roots : A Deeper Understanding Of Life Essay

Finding Your Roots : A Deeper Understanding Of Life Essay

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Your Past Can Shape Your Future
When watching the movie “Finding Your Roots” you get a deeper understanding of what life was like during slavery years and how people lived their lives. But not only do you get a deeper feel for what it was like for the people, you also think about how your own family lives were at the time on slavery. We think we have an idea of what the slavery days was like for our ancestors and have a general thought process about timeline of events. Many of our ancestors have made the way for us to live our lives with freedom and to be treated as human. We know our families were once sold and used as property and not people. But do we actually know about the era that profound our lives today and the roots we come from?
It is impossible for us to know what they went through and trace a search back to slavery to know everything about your ancestors during the time of slavery. But in “Finding Your Roots” what was interesting to me was how three famous and wealthy people in the United States found their family past and their history as a slave. Famous rapper Nas, known actor Angela Bassett, and senior advisor Valerie Jarrett all had their family history and background traced to actually find out who they were and how they tied all the way down to them. All three of them knew little about their ancestors and all was interesting in finding out where they all came from. Each person had a different story and their family ties were different. But each person ancestor has helped them in their careers and shaped them for what they are today.
The records left behind helped find the family members going through such a harsh time in our history known as slavery. Nas, Angela Bassett, and Valerie Jarrett are well known Afr...

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... also believe this is the reason he was never sold. This gave Henry Taylor a major advancement as for his family and the reason they are as educated as they are. That is why his son was able to graduate from MIT and his son daughter which is Valerie Jarrett grandmother was able to be a successful teacher this is what then led Valerie Jarrett was able to have the opportunity to her accomplishments.
The messages that are being communicated to the audience is that our ancestor have made the way for us to live with freedom today and might have shaped us to be successful in our lives. Also that we have ties to White people and how our families are from all over the United States and even other countries. I believe we all need to take out the time to understand that we all are equal and that we all have to know that our ancestor was major contribution for our lives.

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