Essay on Finding True Success : Kim Wakefield

Essay on Finding True Success : Kim Wakefield

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Finding True Success: The Life of Kim Wakefield
Many who come to America from another country struggle with the difficulties that arise with attempting to transition to a new country. Kim Wakefield knows this all too well. Kim is a Jamaican. But moreover, she is a wife and a mother of three young children living in Houston, Texas. She previously supported herself by working on oil and gas projects as a Cost Engineer. In addition, she serves in an American Sign Language congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, giving deaf ones in her area an opportunity to study the bible with her. During an interview, Kim expresses that she is happy to reach the point in her life where she can take a break from work to focus on spiritual things and her relationship with her children. She explains that though she is in a great place in life, it is still a work in progress, she is constantly learning, setting goals, and bettering herself. Kim Wakefield is an amazing role model to anyone coming to America from another country because she was able to overcome the struggles of adapting to a new culture, making wise choices, finding true contentment, and has useful advice. However, before she became all those things here, she was a little girl living in Mandeville, Jamaica.
Kim explains that she lived in Jamaica for almost all of her formative years. She spent her first year of life in the parish of St. Elizabeth before moving to Kendall, Mandeville until she turned thirteen years old. She recounts the day her mother told her that she would be moving to Houston, Texas with her sister, Sandra. In many ways, this move was traumatic, difficult, and came with many complications in transitioning to a new culture. “At that point, I was very excited but I was ve...

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...r resolve in life. She also advises someone coming from another country to stay in touch with where they came from. When asked what advice she would give to her younger self, she said it would be to relax and not feel the need to figure life out. This advice was applicable to anyone and greatly thought provoking.
Kim Wakefield was able to create a happy life for herself and her family by making great decisions and overcoming countless obstacles in transitioning to a new culture. For this, Kim is a truly inspiring figure and role model for anyone coming to America from another country. Kim shows that it does not matter where you come from. Anyone can find true success. It is just a matter of defining true success for oneself, making goals, constantly improving, and enjoying the simple things in life, remembering that “life is just a series of adjustments you make.”

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