Essay on Finding the Perfect Pet

Essay on Finding the Perfect Pet

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"What's wrong with Charlie?" Claire asked as she held out her tiny hands with a motionless gold fish in her palm. "I was just playing with Charlie yesterday, but today he won't play." Claire's parents failed to realize that when their child begged them to buy her a pet, that she knew nothing of how to take care of a simple gold fish. She didn't understand that fish are not pets to be held or caressed like you would a kitten. This situation occurs more often than most people think. Whether it is a result of an impulsive purchase, emotion, or even a stray animal that you came across, many people do not take into consideration what owning a pet may entail. There is a huge variety of species available, from tarantulas to genetically altered Munchkin cats, with many ways to obtain them. Although not everyone is able to handle a giant spider or endure changing kitty litter, you have to realize you are making a commitment to being responsible for another living being. Even with the wide ranging selection, it is crucial to know how to choose a pet that suits you.
First, research the type of pet you are considering as an addition to life. Many websites, pet stores, and book stores have information on many various pets. Simple care sheets are often available which list general details about a specific pet and what it requires. This will help narrow down your selection, whether you are considering something soft and fluffy or a pet with scales and a forked tongue. Some people will buy an Asian Water Monitor without realizing they grow up to six feet long, that they require a lot of live meat like rabbits for a diet, and the person ends up having to find it a new home. Another way to ensure the pet you are considering is what you wa...

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...even an early death like Claire found out with little Charlie.
With how easy it is to obtain all sorts of creatures to bring home, these are just a few thoughts that you should consider before welcoming anything into your home. Avoid giving in to your toddler's tears over a kitten or having your newly introduced eel munch on the rest of your fish, by making a responsible decision. Although finding the right pet for your lifestyle may be time consuming, keep in mind that pets are not toys, but living creatures. Considering all that has been mentioned, following this procedure also helps to not contribute to the number of pets waiting for a new owner at shelters or rescues. When proper research is done, a suitable environment is supplied, and a well cared for animal is chosen, the likelihood of having a great relationship with your new friend becomes greater.

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