Finding Solutions to India's Poor Essay

Finding Solutions to India's Poor Essay

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INDIA is rich in its diversity of forms of informal settlement, which experience daily the realities of vulnerability to a wide range of hazards. In the way that Indian cities have grown, there has been uncontrolled development that simply obeys the necessity of the deprived classes of obtaining a habitat inside the environment of the city that allows them possibilities of getting employment and better living conditions, this has motivated the urban population's growth to increase at a rapid rate. However, spatial location of poor people has simply shifted, with worse living condition.
Informal settlement upgrading and development by its nature requires a strong emphasis and focus on the resident communities. The Urban design approach would therefore have to respond to the nature, form and dynamics of the existing settlements as well as the potential impact of development options and proposals that emerge from it1.* The aim of this paper is to present an overview by providing base information about socio- economic conditions and reasons for these at the same time providing solutions for the problems that follow.

The key to solving any problem is to understand it first. Therefore to respond and intervene in this issue, one must first have a grasp of how these neighborhoods have come to be. As stated earlier, the main reason for formation of these neighborhoods is urbanization resulting in accelerated migration of rural population into the urban arena. The cities, however, have succeeded, in diverting population growth away from proper town establishments. Large sections of poor migrants have, therefore, been absorbed either in the hinterland or in the marginal areas viz. sides of railway ...

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...economic resources and bureaucratic control, neither the government nor the private sector could provide the urban poor with basic shelter.(a shelter of their own )
In conclusion, a clearly focused national informal settlement development program represents a practical and necessary alternative response to conventional housing delivery, which rapidly delivers a range of tangible development benefits to informal settlement residents at significant scale. Such a response can help to bridge the gulf that currently exists between the state and a key portion of civil society whose current experience is one of neglect and marginalization. It is critical that this alternative response in the form of emergency relief and interim servicing be more broadly and rapidly activated and that it receives the necessary political, administrative and budgetary commitment it require9.

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