Finding Reliable Information About Health Care Providers And The Facilities

Finding Reliable Information About Health Care Providers And The Facilities

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Find Valid and Reliable Information
There is really not a certain way to find reliable information about health care providers and the facilities. According to Gibson and Singh (2003) a perfect example of this problem is that this information is being hidden from the public. In fact, the book mentions how the community is not aware that there is a national data bank, which contains information about the doctor’s background and malpractice history. Also, Gibson and Sigh (2003) explained that this important information is not available to the public because it is the medical profession the ones that petitioned to keep this important information a secret from the public and community. Finding reliable information about the doctor or facility is not successful nowadays specially since the national data bank does not contain sufficient information about medical mistakes, it only includes whether the health care professional have been in a medical malpractice settlement. Another way to find information about physicians is by going to the county courthouse and finding out any malpractice judgments. The book “Wall of Silence “ by Gibson and Sigh (2013) also explains how a malpractice settlement does not certainly mean that a doctor is incompetent or careless, it may be for many different reasons, such as an insurance company that chooses to settle a complaint rather the be responsible for the cost of prolonged legal process. Finding the appropriate information about the doctor or facility can be very challenging but it is also important to take into consideration that nowadays with the use of technology the community is able to find some type of information about the facility or physician.
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...gan after World War II as a new way to train pilots and prevent pilot error. In the health care industry nurses, doctors, and surgeons use “dummies” for medical education as a way to learn new skills and techniques without harming a live person. Pilots as well as health care providers have to deal with the live of human beings everyday making this comparison an understandable statement. Using “dummies” or a flight simulator is a safety way to increase the practice of the nurse or pilot putting them through difficult situations where their knowledge gets tested without harming the life of a human being. Gibson and Singh (2003) also mentioned how training in simulators is becoming more common in the health care industry and how future surgeons can learn and practice some types of orthopedics and sinus surgeries in order to improve their practice and quality of care.

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