Finding Out If Hooking Up Is Becoming This New Norm Essay

Finding Out If Hooking Up Is Becoming This New Norm Essay

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Hooking is replacing dating with casual sexual encounters, the purpose of the study is to find out if hooking up is becoming this new norm, and what the consequences of this will be on both men and women. The practice of hooking up is not new it first started happening more often after the baby boomers and the sexual revolution. Where birth control was easier to access.
Hooking up isn’t always finding a guy or a girl having a night of wild sex, the sociologist cuts in into three categories. The first is you met a random girl at a party and they make out, the second is it leads to oral sex, the third it goes all the way to a home run. On a college campus the people with the easiest access with alcohol are the fraternity men according to this article, these fraternities host parties where they use the alcohol as a means to hookup with women easier since they do not let them go home after they consume the alcohol. The main differences between the Hookup culture and dating is there is companionship and love, with dating you have a partner you are wanting to please also when hooking up you are looking out for only yourself to fulfill physical needs. In the hookup culture men can be praised for having sex with multiple women, while women will be called a whore. When in a relationship women are expected to contribue sexually so they are not looked down upon for having sex. For many women hooking up gives them a self esteem boost. Hook ups are not as common as the media portrays them to be, the majority of college students will encounter less than 10 hookups in their college years.
Women are not always looking for a lasting relationship when they go to a party. They are just looking for a good time, that goodtime may result in sleep...

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...cohol is always involved. It normally starts off at the beginning of the night when the pair start to converse the conversation gets going well and then the pair starts making out, the other people in the room take a hint about what is going happen so they leave the room leaving the two of them alone. Then the next day you get to see the walk of shame the girl walks home alone. This the hookup scene I have seen. Dating in college I have seen portrayed as just a guy and a girl hangout for extending periods of time, along with a solid sex life. The way I have viewed women has changed from highschool to college, in high school many of the girls I have met I would have viewed as sluts, now in college I see this is the norm. The mistreatment of women in hookups is depressing to me, seeing that men have little consideratio for what he women gets out of the sexual encouter.

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