Finding My Potential with Computer Technology Essay

Finding My Potential with Computer Technology Essay

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About three months ago I found myself in a cycle. I couldn’t seem to break the “coach curse”, jumping from one place to another attempting to answer life’s big question: What am I here for? Or more precisely: How can I turn a dime into $100 overnight. Money, however, was never a big motivator for me and my interests were sinuous (obviously personified by the nomadic circumstance I was in). It took an epiphany of the same kind you see in movies; where the guy is sitting somewhere and a time-lapse of busy people living out their lives around him happens simultaneously as you get closer and closer. Suddenly, one day I was sitting in the living room of my father house and I realized, for about the fiftieth time, that time stops for no one. While I was hoping and praying to pull myself out of a hole, others’ were busy building latters. It came to my attention that I wasn’t going to discover the man I was meant to be without taking a chance and without sacrifice. I sat down at the computer, discovered the Computer Technology trade and found Job Corps. I bought a one way ticket to San Diego and walked up to gates of San Diego Job Corps the day after I touchdown.
I’ve always had a dream to invent things and use my hands to bring what laid dormant in my mind to reality since I was a young child. From attempting to use magnets to bring my Hot Wheels toy cars to a state of levitation to using tooth-picks and garbage-ties to build diagrams and sculptures; I wanted to figure out how things work. Growing up in an environment largely composed of athletes and rappers, either you fall in line or be targeted. It became obvious that to be isolated was even more damaging than to fit in and conform. Meanwhile, as I grew more and more comfortable with...

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...philosophy of Tim Burner Lee was built on top of altruistic principles and civil rights. The explosion of new and less banal technology in the near future will usher in a new, more personal way technology will be observe and applied in daily use. Knowing about technology will be mandatory and no longer optional. I hope to help in the process and provide a more original approach.
My trip to San Diego Job Corp began with a search engine and hopefully will end on my way to the military with skills in computer repair, software updating, and technical support. The dream I envision, ultimately, is to own a corporation solely responsible for making people’s lives more convenient via technology. Information, being the most vital source of any sentient being, has always relied on forms of technology to continue the search as well as make access the information easy.

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