Finding My ' Other Half ' Essay

Finding My ' Other Half ' Essay

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Finding my “Other-Half”
For a girl, her young adult years is the age of LOVE, it is the time when most of young girls want to get married and create a new family. It is the age when everything is just beginning and yet they have so much ahead. It is also a sensitive stage and changes occur which can have a high impact on values of a young girl. As a seventeen-year-old, I believe I found love at an age I never thought I would of. Love can be found anywhere, in the street, a bump in a hallway or a bus ride home, but the weirdest way I found love was through a social media website.
It all started back on a cold snowy night in February of 2014, as I was getting ready for bed I heard a loud beep noise seemed like a doorbell, which was coming from my cellular device, of course, it was a notification. I ignored it for a couple minutes but then my phone started going off like crazy, notification after notification. It was from a guy who had decided to press the “like” button on almost all my Instagram pictures, a guy I completely did not know I followed or had on there. At first I must say I was somewhat creeped out to the point I did want to block this “guy”, but I did not. I clicked on his profile and realized he was in the same grade, which was my sophomore year in high school, but different schools, he attended Joliet West as I went to Joliet Central. This guy seemed tall, dark skin, short hair, dark eyes, cute smile, super cute and played on the soccer team. Later that night I received another Instagram notification, a notification that has made me the happiest girl ever. He had commented on one of my old quinceanera pictures saying “Text Me?” and since I clearly did not know the guy and did not have his number, I had to ask for it a...

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..., I am stronger and I am capable to do anything. He has filled these past two years with hearts, flowers and most importantly happiness and love. He makes everything seem and feel better and I am glad to have someone who knows when I am upset and knows how to turn my frown into a smile. He is my boyfriend, my soul-mate, my other half and I am so glad I met this guy.
The young adult age is just the beginning of everything, but by this point I had found what true love is. Relationships has its’ good and bad sides, but if you both put effort into it, together we can manage to get through them. After all, this has impacted me in a way that I am able to give people chances just like everyone should too. If I did not give this “guy” a chance, who knows what my life outside of college would be like. I cannot wait until what the rest of our love journey has in store for us.

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