Finding Love Has Turned Into Reality Episodes Of Fast Relationships And Serial Dating

Finding Love Has Turned Into Reality Episodes Of Fast Relationships And Serial Dating

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The results are in and it doesn’t look good. An estimated eighty-five percent of relationships fail within the first year, with many of them not even making it six months. Finding love has turned into reality episodes of fast relationships and serial dating; leaving broken hearts, shattered dreams, and bitter feelings in its wake.

Here’s the thing; wanting a long and happy relationship with someone is something most people have in common. We’re hardwired to connect with others, and finding that special someone isn’t excluded from those desired connections. It’s part of what makes us human.

The problem here, is that people have forgotten how to date to find love. Everyone is so hell-bent on finding a situation so they can update their status to fill in that hole, they ignore what truly matters – A real relationship.

There are a plethora of things that cause relationships to fail, and they all fall under five leading categories.

1. Starting a relationship based solely on physical attraction.
When the sex is great, everything is great. Am I right? It’s like being on cloud nine and you feel like you’ll never come down. Let’s be real, though; it has to rain sometime, and what happens to that cloud nine when it does?

Once the honeymoon stage ends, physical attraction won’t be enough to make the relationship last. Sure, it’s important, but physical attraction alone isn’t enough for a relationship to be sustainable long term. Truth is, relationships based solely on physical attraction are likely to fail once the allure of attraction wears off when other needs like friendship, compatibility, and mental connection are not met.

2. Not getting to know one another.
Sally’s excited to share the news about her new relationship with R...

... middle of paper ...

... any standard. If you’re constantly seeking perfection from your partner, or they’re constantly seeking it from you, the golden rope will eventually break and that fairy tale castle that was built will come crumbling down. It’s okay to expect the best out of a someone, but perfection? Come on! No one is perfect.

What does it all mean?
If you want a real relationship that lasts, you need to build one. That takes friendship, compatibility, and trust. You need to not only be attracted physically, but mentally, as well. Communicate honestly and openly, respecting the other person and their boundaries. Show each other compassion and understanding. Be supportive of each other, accepting each persons individual traits, while learning to compromise where it’s needed. All of these things are needed to build a solid relationship, and solid relationships can last a lifetime.

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