Finding Comfort in Somali Malls Essays

Finding Comfort in Somali Malls Essays

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After being away many years from my home country I missed all the traditional Somali, however I found new Mogadishu called Karmel and 24th malls it was a mystery for me because when I moved my country I was worried my new life how could be possible to have connection with my back home forexample foods, clothes people and the culture. I was feeling uncomfortable, frustration, and confused whenever I shop until I found the two Somali malls close to my home in the Twin Cities. Then my life seems to be normal since I find everything I need, they meet all my needs. Somali malls offer many necessary things for lifestyle and offer traditions and culture for my children and a sense of community for all of us.
I love these two malls it is my favorite place to shop with it.First these are unique because no other malls like this in US. The second reason for two great malls that connectionme and my family with my Somali community.All Somali, African traditional background items are available like clothes, shoes, furniture, home decorating items, and food.The malls are open 7 days a week usually from 10am to 10pm which is a very good for people who are busy and want more options for shopping times. Every time I go there I appreciate their businesses becausemy life would be so much more difficult for me without them. I want to wear my traditional clothes and they are not available in the typical American store like JC Penny or TJ Max.Somali malls are my favorite places to shop as a resultI can find everything I want to buy, socialize with my community, and they are convenient. However, improvements can be made to these great businesses, and they can still keep their traditional values.
Somali malls are very important to my family therefore...

... middle of paper ... malls close to my home my life back to normal, also a great place to meet people that attracts many Somali customers as well as I love Somali malls it is my favorite place to shop because easy for such as the language and culture. Even though these two Somali malls are very eye-catching, they have some internal problems that need to be resolved in order to have better customers and also have a greater turnout for their business. The problem that is a concern now is the lack of cultural awareness for the current employees in the Somali mall business. There also needs to be some kind of trainings that would help the employees learn about the policies in selling merchandise in America. Many customers are very attracted to the Somali malls and it’s up to the employees to make some self-improvement so that their mall can be attractive both internally and externally.

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