Finding A Balance With Children Growing Up Essay

Finding A Balance With Children Growing Up Essay

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Finding a Balance with Children Growing up
In this day in age, children are growing up really quickly. They require more protection now than ever before. The children in this generation are exposed to some many dangerous things these days. For instance the Internet and television exposing our children to explicit language, violence and sex that previous generations were never exposed to. Also with both parents working out of the home, some children have no other choice to act beyond their age. In other cases, some parents try to be over- protective. They try to shelter their children hoping that this will protect them, when actually this makes them just more curious. Overprotective parents can cause more harm instead of good. I found this out the hard way. There has to be a balance between a child’s safety and letting them learn from their mistakes.
I didn’t talk very much about drugs, I only told my daughter not to do them. I wasn’t honest about my experience with trying drugs. I just lied and said I never did drugs at all, which was not the case. I thought keeping away the fact I experimented with drugs, and moving her out of a crime ridden community would protect her, but that was not the reality. I had to find out the hard way, my child was experimenting with drugs and I didn’t even know it. When I discovered this I was disappointed, she promised she would never do them again. I found myself educating her about drugs after she already did them. I should have warned my child about the effects of drugs and alcohol, she would have been more prepared when she was exposed to it, giving her a better chance to make the right decisions and giving her the tools to say no. What I also learned is that, I should have educated her on drug...

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...he was doing these things on purpose. That was not the case at all he had a learning disability, he was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. It was difficult for him to stay in his seat long and stay on task. He also got overwhelmed very easily. I should have been more encouraging and paid more attention to him, but with working two jobs it was difficult. I wish I would have known earlier. I can image how he felt in school and feeling different from the rest of the kids in class.
In conclusion I always wanted the best for my children, but sometimes my choices were not. I learned I needed to educate more and listen more to my children. There is no way, no one can hide from the truth. I just have to deal with it and make the most of it. I was taught the balance we need to raise our children is education and trust and hope they will in turn make the right decisions.

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