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Financing a child is one of the most expensive things in this world. By the first year of the child’s life you will roughly spend up to 12,000. When financing a child, you will have to be ready to spend out a lot of money to buy a lot of things for that child. The first thing you will buy is a pregnancy test that will start from $4.99 & up. After you have confirmed that you are pregnant. You will then need to find a doctor that you trust. There will be a lot of appointments to go to, and depending on if you have insurance or not you will spend anywhere from $25 to $100 on an office visit alone. The cost of the office visit does not include the prenatal vitamins, you will have to take from nine months, which cost anywhere from $5 to $29.99 a month. With the upfront cost of doctor visits and prenatal vitamins, you definitely want to make sure that you some income coming into your household. You also have to be ready for all the checkups to come and sacrifices you will have to make. (Health coverage , 2014) Normally you will have your first ultrasound between 6 and 8 weeks along. It will typically cost between $250 and $1000 for an ultrasound depending on which ultrasound you get. And don’t forget that there is also a charge that the ultrasound tech will bill for which can range anywhere from $50 to $75 dollars. (Ultrasound cost , 2001-2014) Some moms choose not to find out the gender of the baby. So that it will be a surprise during the delivery. Those’ who choose not to know they buy unisex clothes. And for the parents that chose to know the gender. They may have a party where they have a cake made and have the bakery to make the inside of the cake either pink or blue to disclose the gender of their baby at the party. Th...

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