Financial Statements : A Portrait Of Organizational Health Essay

Financial Statements : A Portrait Of Organizational Health Essay

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Financial Statements: A Portrait of Organizational Health
Conducting business is all about making decisions. Firms need to decide whether to reinvest their profits or pay dividends. Lenders need to decide whether or not to loan money to a particular firm and what interest rate is appropriate to covers the risk associated with lending. Investors need to determine which stocks will provide the greatest return for the least amount of risk. For all the decisions listed thus far (and many more that were not mentioned), interested parties use the financial statements of a firm to aid in making these decisions. In this paper, we 'll look at the three major components of financial statements - the income statement, the balance sheet, and the statement of cash flows - and how those statements help stakeholders make business decisions.
The first major component of a firm 's financial statement is the income statement. The income statement is provides a summary of expenses and revenues. The income statement is probably the simplest of all the financial statements and is perhaps one of the most important as it shows, at a glance, the profits and loses accrued during the reporting period. As firms are in the business of profit, it 's clear why the income statement is an important tool that stakeholders can use to evaluate a company 's health. Some of the major expenses listed on the income statement are cost of goods sold (COGS), depreciation, general & administrative (G&A), interest, and income taxes. COGS are costs directly associated with generating revenues, like raw materials, overhead, and labor. While COGS will vary with the level of output produced, G&A expenses are often fixed and include costs like salaries and fees. ...

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In conclusion, firms use financial statements to help managers, investors, and lenders all make informed business decisions by providing a snapshot of the overall health of the firm. The income statement addresses profits and losses. The balance sheet lists the assets, liabilities, and equity of the firm. And the statement of cash flows analyzes the company 's cash account. Taken together, these statements paint a picture of a firm 's current financial situation as well as its potential future performance.


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