Financial Report On The Corporation Essay

Financial Report On The Corporation Essay

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4) Financial Report
a. It was Motioned/Seconded/Approved to approve the September, October and November 2015 financial statements. It is noted that Quintet Phase 2 owners will reimburse 60% of the operating costs of the amenity facilities starting from inception of the strata corporation .The receivables will be included in the balance sheet.
b. The Treasurer found some entry errors that expense charged to the Tower Section should be paid by the strata corporation. The entry error will be reconciled in the March financial report.
c. Rebate on light upgrade in the amount of $2900 has been paid by BC Hydro
d. The Tower Section has reimbursed the Corporation its share of the janitorial and care taker expenses up to December 2015.Those expenses were directly through payroll to the employees by the Corporation even though part of the expenses are attributable to the Tower Section.
e. The Treasurer did an phone line audit and recommended that :
(i) Cancel the landline in the care taker office
(ii) Change all account names from Canada Sunrise to Quintet
(iii) Reconcile the phone line on file (12) with the current number of lines being paid (13).
f. Insurance premium was paid in full.
g. Receivable Report– The receivable report was not available as it is only the 2nd day of the month.

5) Report from Property Manager
a. Issue of Quintet 2 affecting Quintet 1: There is none.
b. Painting Quotes for the Parade and Stairwell: The contractor which specializes in parkade line painting refuse to quote on the job. The property manager will solicit quote from another contractor.
c. Sanitizing dispensers have been installed at both garbage rooms.
d. Roof Anchor Inspection – Atlas Roofing provided the inspection report and certified that the roof...

... middle of paper ...

...ebruary 24th was foiled but the video was captured. The burglars tried to cut open the wire mesh of the garage gate with a bolt cutter. Their actions were aborted when they saw a resident’s vehicle approaching. Council will post notices to alert residents and will install a “Surveillance Camera Warning” sign at the entrance of the parkade.
e. Card readers for entrance doors in Tower a parkade level – Council agreed to install card readers at the entrance doors so that a fob is need to access the parkade. The property manager will count the doors and get a price from Smart-tek.
f. Novus Cable and Internet – Novus has sent a letter to the strata council advising that their service is now available in Richmond. It is agreed that consideration on this subject matter will be tabled until after the next annual general meeting and be dealt with by the next incoming council.

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