Essay on Financial Problems Become Marital Problems

Essay on Financial Problems Become Marital Problems

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According to financial expert Larry Burkett, eighty-five to ninety percent of surveyed couples claim finances were the main reason for their divorce (Rainey 19). Soaring over adultery, abuse, and incompatibility, financial problems are disintegrating marriages of all age groups in America. The Time magazine article, “Will the Market Kill Your Marriage?” contains three theories from different standpoints, offering explanations for dissolution caused by finances. The therapist theory claims that marital issues stem from hopelessness caused by financial stress. Secondly, the marriage counselor theory argues couples without former communication about money crumple when the funds start to fall. Lastly, the lawyer theory colorfully concludes that “money provides the soft fatty tissue that insulates the marital skeleton; once it’s cut back and people get a good look at the guts of their relationship, they want out” (Luscombe 6). Many financially struggling couples experience a combination of the causes, but no marriage is doomed. The couple should to band together and overcome these challenges.
Needless to say, men and women operate differently. The differences can be an outstanding positive in a relationship, but only if the couple works together and uses each other’s individual talents. Typically, women, as relationship-oriented beings, are more inclined to reason with emotion, while men tend to stick to logic. Couples can acquire cohesive, practical decisions by collaborating the two points of view (Dayton 20). When couples fail to heed to each other’s views, both spouses feel the pressure, but not as a team. This change of perspective is the leak that allows a flood of problems to soon roll into the marriage.
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