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Financial Models & Information Systems Essay

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Knowledge includes data, information and experience (Chen, 2013). Knowledge management defined by Forcier & Rathi (2013) and Singh (2013) as a process of identifying, creating, capturing, organising, storing, representing and reusing knowledge resulting in the creation of new knowledge. Knowledge management system is a system that uses technology system to support and help workers, stakeholders and customers to have ready access to the organization's documented base of facts, sources of information, and solutions (Princeton University, 2009). Research on knowledge management has evolved in line with the growth of technology and agreed with Samara (2013) that knowledge management has became a critical issue for competitive dynamics, international strategy, the building of resources, and the boundaries of firms’. In spite of that, knowledge management practices has been used widely and proven beneficial in various industries (Chen, 2013).

Knowledge management system generally is knowledge sharing and collaboration in an organization (Daniela & Florica, 2009). This shared knowledge constitutes a valuable intangible asset for creating sustaining competitive advantage in the organization (Tsai & Cheng, 2012). Kumar (2013) also added that knowledge management system is a specific technology that used to manage organizational knowledge and to improve productivity of knowledge work. Moreover, by using knowledge management system, various preventive actions can be implemented and problems also can be resolving quickly (Delak & Bajec, 2013). We can conclude that knowledge management system is a system that used in an organization to share the past and existing knowledge to have the better productivity in the future. Currently...

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