Essay on Financial Data And Projections Of A New Product

Essay on Financial Data And Projections Of A New Product

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Section 7: Financial Data and Projections
Financial data for the next five years are forecasted based on the findings from the market environment analysis. Annacchnio explained that there is a significant difference between the financial model for a new product and for a team member and it is highly represented in accounting terms i.e. sales, cost of sales, operating and financial expenses, depreciation cost and tax amount (Annacchino, 2011). The “heRBer” product is available in three price levels and for the financial year of 2016-2017, it is estimated that 1000 products will be sold and in them 500 Mini Jardin, 300 Med Jardin and 200 Max Jardin. So, total sales revenues are ₹85,00,000 for the first financial year and this less amount of production is because of time needed for attracting the customers and, according to Akalp, to retain the customers by delivering quality services and products (Akalp, 2015) (Harder, 2004).
Particulars/Year 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020 2020-2021
Net Sales and Operating Revenues ₹ 85,00,000 ₹ 1,27,50,000 ₹ 2,55,00,000 ₹ 6,37,50,000 ₹ 25,50,00,000
Cost of Sales ₹ 59,50,000 ₹ 89,25,000 ₹ 1,78,50,000 ₹ 4,46,25,000 ₹ 17,85,00,000
Operating Profit ₹ 25,50,000 ₹ 38,25,000 ₹ 76,50,000 ₹ 1,91,25,000 ₹ 7,65,00,000
Depreciation Cost ₹ 35,700 ₹ 53,550 ₹ 1,07,100 ₹ 2,67,750 ₹ 10,71,000
Finance and interest expenses ₹ 22,950 ₹ 34,425 ₹ 68,850 ₹ 1,72,125 ₹ 6,88,500
Earnings befo...

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...l enter into seven large Indian markets including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Goa.

Gantt chart for implementation plan of “heRBer”
Major resources involved in performing all these tasks are Research analyst, HR, Software engineer, product designer, product developer, testing engineer, marketing manager and Sales manager. Key stages in this project are research analysis and planning, product design, product development, product launch, and performance assessment and controlling as shown in the below work breakdown structure.

Work Breakdown Structure for “heRBer”
In these stages, Product Development and performance assessment and controlling are the recurring stages i.e. they will be performed continuously to meet the requirements of customers and to deliver high quality services based on the findings from performance assessment

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