Financial Crisis: Theoretical and Historical Perspective an Article by Güven Delice

Financial Crisis: Theoretical and Historical Perspective an Article by Güven Delice

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There are too many studies about crisis because crisis are experiencing anywhere and anytime in the world. I have scanned many articles about types of crisis and examples of them. There are too many article but I can’t found any containing two of them together. There are too many research resources but they are very scattered. Almost all of them are post graduate level. They are hard to understand as a sudent at the graduate level.
There is a sample article by Güven Delice. Title of article is Financial Crisis: Theoretical and historical perspective. In this article Delice mentioned definition of the financial crisis, types of financial crisis, financial crisis models and historical process but all of them are theoretical. There is no experienced example about types of crisis.
If we look at another article by Ahmet Turgut we can see almost same things. Again there is no experienced example about types of crisis. He mentioned types of financial crisis, indicators of financial crisis. All of these are theoretical.
I am planning to do a project which include both theory and experienced examples.
There are many factors in Economy. Therefore, inherently there are many reasons for occurrence of crises. After Second World War, national and international financial markets integration process bring with case of financial crisis. Especially since 1990 this case was rise rapidly. In this project I am going to try to explain this reasons so types of crises. I am going to mention 4 types of them;
• Currency Crisis,
• Banking Crisis,
• External Debt Crisis,
• Systematic Financial Crisis.
Before starting to explain types of financial crisis I want to mention four important factor that cause financial crisis a...

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