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This Fed-Ex report details some of the potential revenue implications that moving the NJATC workbooks to an online solution would provide. The basic premise of this report is the fact that we currently have costs associated with printing and that the delivery of workbooks in any online solution would also incur costs. (Blackboard was used in this comparison as they are arguably the most expensive and the one into which we have the greatest insight with respect to costs.) Part I of this report attempts to compare the two options with our traditional pricing model and Part II explores an alternative pricing structure.
Part I
ATP proposed helping the NJATC to create an “NJATC branded LMS” with the Blackboard Technology Solution. They stated that they intended to make a $ 250,000 commitment to the project to fund the creation of an LMS structure skinned to the NJATC’s specifications and provide the access to 4000 students for a period of 3 years. Also included in the proposal was the population of Content for a “Content Management System” for all ATP books that the NJATC utilizes. (ATP also indicated that they would benefit from this LMS implementation in that they will also be populating content on textbooks that the NJATC does not use. Access to this information will be through a URL which is different than the URL that is used to access NJATC courses.) When speaking to Jon Gosse after the original discussion; he stated that the further breakdown of the expenses associated with the project included the expense of some ATP staff who would be dedicated to the implementation of this new LMS. He indicated that the direct “Blackboard cost” was around $185,000.
Table 1 (Calculated per Student Cost on a Yearly Basis) shows this informa...

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... the potential to be a “revenue generator” for the NJATC under a number of financial structures. It is dually noted that none of the options that have been laid out in this report give any mention to the costs associated with the conversion of content from an “InDesign” format to a “SCORM” complaint format. This is an area in which additional research and prototypes will have to be built so that a further understanding of this process can be gained. It should also be noted that there are a number of other benefits to the move to an online delivery that should be considered but are much harder to quantity. These include stale inventory at the revision of a title, fewer products to stock in the warehouse, less up-front costs (production costs remain but printing costs associated are eliminated) resulting in a less cyclical nature of NJATC finances.

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