Essay on Financial Assistance to Pursue Studies in Organizational Management

Essay on Financial Assistance to Pursue Studies in Organizational Management

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The internal strengths of an organization are technical proficiency, management skills, and creative genius but the question is how to implement these techniques all together to maximize enterprise credibility? The sole purpose of business is to make profit and the best way to do so is by studying its past performances and focusing on developing new insights. Studying business operations effectively and efficiently requires the above mentioned skills to be implemented in an organized way in order to deliver maximum profit.
Management Science concentrates on organizational decision making in all areas of business planning, especially in context to technological change and is concerned with developing and applying models and concepts that may prove useful in approaching today’s problems and pinpointing tomorrow’s solution. I am interested in factors that affect the competitive performance of a business concern, and the manner in which organization’s structure is affected by a change in technology.
A formal education in management science will help me build a global sense and will make me understand different business activities in the context of the emerging techno environment and would be invaluable in achieving my objective. My background in engineering has prepared me for such a career and would enable me to channel my quantitative and conceptual skills in analyzing business issues and would open up a new avenue in research.
Academic excellence has always been my primary goal. I scored 77% in my 10th CBSE board exams & secured 83% in Science .I qualified my 12th standard with a score of 80% and secured 86% in Mathematics and 81% in Programming with C++. I chose Electronics & Communication, as my specialization for engineering de...

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...ity, where research is an integral part of the department and the entire faculty is highly qualified. I realized that the program offered by Queen’s school of Business meets my career needs best. I am particularly attracted by the research initiatives in Management Science and would like to take it up as my specialization. Here, I will receive both, the technical skills and the intellectual discipline to become a leader in industry.
I believe that “Accomplishments lie within the reach of those who reach beyond themselves”. I am confident of making my own humble contribution in enhancing the image and reputation of your esteemed university in the years to come. Financial assistance from your university will give me a valid reason to join this university in order to achieve excellence. I eagerly look forward to an enriching & exhilarating at your esteemed university.

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