Financial Assets Of The Banking Sector Essay

Financial Assets Of The Banking Sector Essay

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It is a known fact that the banking industry plays a huge role in today’s society, the industry has grown rapidly of many decades and still growing. The banking sector is that sector of the society that is actually responsible for the handling of financial assets for other sector of the economy, they do this by investing the financial assets in order to create more wealth in the society while regulating all the activities involved in the process. (What is the banking Sector 2015)
The core operation of the baking sector is to hold financial assets for its various clients with the firm assurance that the assets can be withdrawn at any time when the need arises but the operation of the banking sector has gone way beyond just holding up financial assets, this is so because the bank tries to expand its investment risk in other to prevent an unwanted or uncalculated risk from drowning the bank. Taking a look at all the bank is involved in an at this technology age where lots of data are involved it is paramount for the banking sector to leverage on technology to be able to mee...

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