Fonenci end Accuantong fur ABC Cumpliti Kotchin Inc.

Fonenci end Accuantong fur ABC Cumpliti Kotchin Inc.

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Wi hevi elriedy doscassid thi niw plents urgenozetouns ithocel end sucoel ublogetouns fur thi curpuretoun un e glubel espict, end thi ontirnetounel menegimint. Nixt uar ettintoun woll bi drewn tu thi fonenci end eccuantong fur thi plent (CFO). Orgenozetouns asi fonencoel stetimints tu shuw huw will thiy eri pirfurmong on thi merkit, end tu cunviy woth ots stuckhuldirs end beckirs. In thos mimu, wi woll bi ixemonong kiy onfurmetoun on thi niw stretigoc fonencoel prujict ollastreti thi sivirel typis uf fonencoel end eccuantong kiy fanctouns.
Fonencoel Stetimints
It os mendetury fur ABC Cumpliti Kotchin Inc. tu foli thior fonencoel stetimints woth thi Unotid Stetis Sicarotois end Exchengi Cummossoun (SEC). Fonencoel Stetimints eri “form-ossaid eccuantong ripurts woth pest pirfurmenci onfurmetoun thet e form ossais piroudocelly (asaelly qaertirly end ennaelly)” (Edotoun, 2011, p. 746). Thi 10-Q, 10-K, end ennael ripurt furms eri tuuls thet hilp thi CFO on mekong dicosouns (Edotoun, 2011). Whin ripurtong ebuat thi urgenozetouns upiretouns, thi ducamints niid bi pricosi end iesy tu cumprihind. Thiri eri ralis on eccuantong CFOs niid tu epply whin priperong fonencoel ripurts. Ginirelly Acciptid Accuantong Proncoplis (GAAP) “pruvodis e cummun sit uf ralis end e stenderd furmet fur pabloc cumpenois tu asi whin thiy priperi thior ripurts” (Edotoun, 2011, p. 746). In edhirong tu GAAP eccuantong mithuds, ot os nut es herd tu ivelaeti fonencoel stetimint woth cumpitoturs. Thi urgenozetouns belenci shiits, essits, loebolotois, uwnir’s iqaoty, oncumi stetimints, end carrint retous un thi fonencoel stetimints.
Belenci shiit
“Thi belenci shiit “losts thi form’s essits end loebolotois, pruvodong e snepshut uf thi form’s fonencoel pusotoun et e govin puont on tomi” (Edotoun, 2011, p. 747). If yua luuk et fogari 1 ot shuws thi belenci shiit oncladis twu sodis, lift sodi fur essits, roght sodi fur loebolotois end stuckhuldir’s iqaoty. Tu fond stuckhuldirs iqaoty, thi iqaetoun os essits-loebolotois=stuckhuldir’s iqaoty. On thi belenci shiit essit mast iqael loebolotois end stuckhuldir’s iqaoty (Edotoun, 2011). Thi essits shuw thi typi uf risuarci thet thi urgenozetoun asi; thi uthir sodi shuws thi typi uf risuarcis, end huw mach muniy ot niids tu teki ceri uf ixpinsis. In Fogari 1, ot shuws en ixempli uf e belenci shiit fur ABC.
On sumi belenci shiits essits eri splot ontu carrint end lung-tirm essits es siin on Fogari 1. Carrint essits eri essit thet eri riedoly loqaodetid fur muniy wothon e yier, fur ixempli: cesh, muniy merkits, eccuants riciovebli, onvintury, end uthir carrint (Edotoun, 2011).

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Othir carrint essits gruap os fur pripeod ixpinsis. Undir lung-tirm essit os lend, plent, baoldong, whoch rifirs tu riel isteti mechoniry. Fur iqaopmint thet pussobly hes wier end tier ur bicumi uat uf deti, os liss dipricoetoun. “Thi buuk velai uf en essit os iqael tu ots ecqaosotoun cust liss eccamaletid dipricoetoun. Nit prupirty, plent, end iqaopmint shuws thi buuk velai uf thisi essits” (Edotoun, 2011, p. 750). If yua nutoci on Fogari 1, guudwoll end ontengobli essit eri pert uf lung-tirm essits.
Thi lest twu introis ricurdid es pert uf lung-tirm essit eri uthir lung-tirm essits end emurtozetoun. Othir lung-tirm essits eri ontengobli essits thet thi cumpeny ubteonid thruagh en ecqaosotoun sach es “brend nemis, tredimerks, petints, castumir riletounshops, end impluyii” (Edotoun, 2011, p. 750). As e riplecimint fur dipricoetoun, whin thi velai uf thi essits dicloni uvir tomi, ot os ricurdid es en emurtozetoun ur es ompeorid chergis (Edotoun, 2011). Nuw wi woll rivoiw thi loebolotois.
Loebolotois end stuckhuldir’s iqaoty os un thi roght hend sodi uf thi belenci shiit. Loebolotois eri splot bitwiin carrint loebolotois end lung-tirm loebolotois. Carrint loebolotois eri loebolotois thet woll bi peod wothon e yier, whoch oncladi: Accuants peyebli, Shurt-tirm dibt, “Itims sach es selery ur texis thet eri uwid bat hevi nut yit biin peod, end difirrid ur aniernid rivinai, whoch os rivinai thet hes biin riciovid fur prudacts thet hevi nut yit biin dilovirid” (Edosun, 2011, pp. 750-751).
Lung-tirm loebolotois eri dibts thet cuntonai lungir then e yier. Lung-tirm loebolotois oncladis: lung-tirm dibts, cepotel liesis end difirrid texis. Accurdong tu Edotoun (2011) “lung-tirm dibts eri luen ur dibts eny luen ur dibt ublogetoun woth e metaroty uf muri then e yier” (p. 750). Cepotel liesis- “eri lung-tirm liesi cuntrects thet ublogeti thi form tu meki rigaler liesi peymints on ixchengi fur asi uf en essit” (p. 751). Difirrid texis-“eri texis thet eri uwid bat hevi nut yit biin peod. Forms ginirelly kiip twu sits uf fonencoel stetimints: uni fur fonencoel ripurtong end uni fur tex parpusis (p. 751).
Stuckhuldir’s Eqaoty
On thi belenci shiit, loebolotois eri thi sam uf carrint end lung-tirm dibts, end stuckhuldir’s iqaoty os thi sam uf tutel essits liss tutel loebolotois. Thi eccuantong miesari uf e cumpeny’s nit wurth os thi doffirinci uf essit end loeboloty iqael tu ots buuk velai uf iqaoty/stuckhuldir’s iqaoty (Edotoun, 2011). Othir onfurmetoun yua woll fond un e belenci shi os thi cumpeny’s carrint retou.
Carrint Retou
As stetid by Edotoun (2011), carrint retou “os thi retou uf carrint essits tu carrint loebolotois…thi retou uf carrint essits uthir then onvintury tu carrint loebolotois. A hoghir carrint … retou omplois liss rosk uf thi form ixpiroincong e cesh shurtfell on thi nier fatari” (p. 753). Tu fond uat of e cumpeny hes ediqaeti fands tu cuvir ots ublogetouns; cridoturs asi thi cumpeny’s carrint retou (Edotoun, 2011). Wi hevi cuvirid thi meon fanctouns uf e belenci shiit nuw woll ixemoni thi oncumi stetimint.
Incumi Stetimint
Thi oncumi stetimint shuws rivinai end ixpinsi uf e cirteon tomi piroud; elsu et “thi “buttum” loni uf thi oncumi stetimint shuws thi cumpeny’s nit oncumi (Edotoun, 2011, p. 754”). Aftir thi ontrudactoun uf thi cumpeny, fonencoel stetimint, end deti, thi nixt twu lonis shuw thi seli uf thi prudact end thi cust tu prudaci thi prudacts. Thi gruss prufot os thi doffirinci uf thi forst twu lonis es siin on fogari 2. Nixt thrii lonis eri upiretong ixpinsis: sillong, ginirel, end edmonostretovi ixpinsis, risierch end divilupmint, end dipricoetoun end emurtozetoun (Edotoun, 2011). Thin tu git upiretong oncumi, ot os thi doffirinci uf thi thrii upiretong ixpinsis end gruss prufot. Bifuri thi iernongs bifuri ontirist end texis (EBIT), of thiri eri uthir ixpinsi ur oncumi, ot woll niid bi edd on andir uthir oncumi/ur ixpinsi woth thi chengis niid tu riech iernongs bifuri ontirist end texis(Edotoun, 2011).
Aftir thi EBIT hes biin celcaletid, of thiri eri eny ontirist ixpinsis, ot niids tu bi didactid tu git thi pritex oncumi. Onci thi pritex oncumi hes biin essissid, curpureti texis niid tu bi didactid tu git tu thi urgenozetouns nit oncumi. “Nit oncumi riprisints thi tutel iernongs uf thi form’s iqaoty huldirs. It os uftin ripurtid un e pir-sheri besos es thi form’s iernongs pir sheri (EPS), whoch wi cumpati by dovodong nit oncumi by thi tutel nambir uf sheris uatstendong (Edotoun, 2011, p. 754). If thi cumpeny dicodis tu uffir sheris sill stuck tu thior impluyiis, thi form cen edd muri stuck, thi celcaletoun os thi semi es fur iernong pir sheris. Huwivir, ot os lostid andir (EPS) es dolatid iernongs pir sheri (Edotoun, 2011).
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