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We had just come off a big win in the semi-finals to make it to the finals. Our team was excited and this time we were going for the win. It’s sad how we lost last year by a single point. The finals are always close and intense; unfortunately we have been losing for the past three years. We are not going to let it happen again. Positioned and standing there in the left lane ready for the tip-off to start the game, I was thinking about all the losses we had the years before. We were playing at home this year, the crowd on our side, game about to start momentum rushing in at us already and it felt great. The referee was approaching the half court line where the centers were set and ready to jump it out. He threw the ball up in the air, the centers jumped and the opposing team had won the tip-off. It all started off with a four point play. They swung the ball around to their shot guard and then he fired up a three drawing contact and had gone to the line for one. Keep in mind that this was not a good way to start as he got the three to drop and one. I kept in mind that we had to finish off strong and win the finals; we are not going to lose this game.
Going back the other way to score, we rotated as a play was called out by the point guard. He raised his hand putting up four fingers obviously indicating play four. This play was where I was supposed to finish strong in the post. So the team rotated slowly setting a few screens allowing me to move quickly to the right lane by the baseline. As I got the ball, the first one-on-one move I did was a juke step followed by an ankle breaker, which threw off the defender. This was a moment where I could draw some contact easily as the help defense was coming at me. When they did I spun off t...

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...e before he could get to me. The game had gone on our way and we were up by six with two and a half minutes to go. We wasted a lot of clock so the other team could not quickly score and break down our lead. All was well and the game was decided as the clock had expired and it was the end of regulation. Our home crowd broke out on the floor and started to celebrate. We had one the tournament and the championship. A feeling of pride ran through me as our team jumped on each other to celebrate. I was at the bottom of the pile and I started laughing. The celebration was huge as pictures where taken a lot of smiles ever where, it was a good feeling. We had won and that’s what matters most. We shook hands with the other team as the left the court in misery. I had also noticed our coach running around the court hugging everyone in sight. We had just won!

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