Final Reflection Paper On Public Speaking

Final Reflection Paper On Public Speaking

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Final Reflection Paper
Over the recent four months in Communication 1402 class, I have addressed three formal speechs and completed a number of chapters in the corresponding textbook “Communication Works”. This course of Communication aims to provide general information what public speaking is and how to address a public speaking. Recalling back the experience during the processes of completing the Speech to Imform, Speech to Persuade, and Group Presentation, I will draw a conclusion about this course and these three presentations in five aspects, comprising my previous perception of public speaking before this course; learning from the Speech to Inform; the goal and evaluation of Speech to Persuade; learning from the Group Presentation; the most important thing learned from this course.
Before this course. I had learned some public speaking skills in the previous classes, such us how to manage my eye contact, facial expression, gestures and body. Having previous knowledge helpt me know the basic concpet of public speaking. However, when it came to public speaking, the first thing appeared in my mind, also the most serious problem to me, was the feeling of tension, fear and trouble. While performing in front of plenty of audience, every tiny problem, like fault, disorder in memory or listeners’ expression, would have a big influence on me, which implicated that I needed more trainings to overcome these difficulties.
My first formal presentation was the Speech to Inform. Through the researches, I studied more knowledge of global news, especially the patient protection and affordable care act, also known as Obamacare. Then, due to the peer review section, I was informed my oblivious weaknesses and strengths, which facilitated me to...

... middle of paper ... public speaking anxiety is very common phenomenon that probably every speaker will have, no matter he/she is an expert speaker or a green hand. This recognition did relax my nervous and apprehension, and that leaded to a better performance. Before the speech of persuade, I attempted to reduce the public speaking anxiety and improved eye contact by doing more rehearsals. fortunately, that worked and helped me a lot.
I believe that, if I feel nervous in the future, I will not be afraid of this emotion like what I did before. This course provided me knowledge on how to make me relax. Little by little, I have gained the confidence of combating the fear of public speaking in this course. All these precious experience will continue benefiting me in the future. Thus, I am proud to say that I have fullfilled the course objectives and enhanced my public speaking skills.

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