The Final Project, An Iraqi Immigrant Who Left Her Homeland After The Iraq War

The Final Project, An Iraqi Immigrant Who Left Her Homeland After The Iraq War

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For the final project, I will be interviewing Lina Abdulnoor, an Iraqi immigrant who left her homeland after the Iraq War. When one of her father’s workers threatened her family’s safety due to their different religious beliefs, Lina and her family left Iraq. They originally settled in Jordan, where they waited two years for the U.N. to approve their request to move to the U.S. When Lina and her family came to America, they initially settled in Virginia, where she learned to adapt to American culture and the English language. However, Lina did not feel accepted in Virginia; her experiences in the state led her to think that many Virginians believed negative stereotypes about Iraqis and treated her according to those stereotypes. After living in Virginia for a few months, Lina and her family decided to resettle in San Diego, California, which harbored a larger Iraqi population than Virginia did. In San Diego, comforted by the presence of an Iraqi community, Lina flourished, and she currently studies at UCSD.
There are several reasons why I chose to interview Lina. To begin with, she meets the requirements regarding the subject I can interview for the final project. She is an immigrant from outside the U.S., she has lived in San Diego for at least three years, and she is not a first-year student at UCSD. In addition to this, I think that the events of Lina’s life demonstrate theories from readings that were assigned in Professor Solomon’s class. First, Lina’s reasons for immigrating to the U.S. and her choice to relocate to San Diego following her initial settlement in Virginia relate to Linda Trinh Vo’s work, “The Vietnamese American Experience: From Dispersion to the Development of Post-Refugee Communities.” Second, Lina’s treatm...

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...ombined with strong nationalistic feelings” (73). To reiterate, a hybrid identity exists because people share a consumer and material culture with one country while retaining the culture of their original country. No one culture dominates the other, and no conflicts arise from both cultures’ simultaneous presence in people’s lives. Likewise, Lina shares a consumer and material culture with Americans and maintains a connection with Iraqi culture. This means that Lina has a hybrid identity and that, consequently, her immigrant experience is linked to Tunon’s dissertation.
In conclusion, these are reasons why I chose to interview Lina and why I think her experience as an immigrant relates to theories present in readings that were assigned in Professor Solomon’s class. As a result, I hope to learn more about the intricacies of migration by interviewing Lina Abdulnoor.

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