Essay on Final Exam Questions : Nathaniel Hawthorne

Essay on Final Exam Questions : Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Final Exam Questions: Nathaniel Hawthorne
Through means of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story, “Young Goodman Brown,” Hawthorne manipulates allegorical dimension in order to lure readers into his writing. He creates doubt and curiosity within the readers’ minds by meshing both the actual and fantasy; furthermore, altering certain truths and consequently creating an imaginary world, which marks the success of Hawthorne’s technique. A definite sense of corruption is seen as Young Goodman Brown converses with the Devil. Hawthorne successfully manipulates the environment within the story to take the form of meaningful symbols, staying true to his influence by the Romantic period. In my opinion the most interesting aspect of the story is when the narrative becomes overpowered by symbolic ambiguity and ultimately develops into a unique relationship between the reader and storyline based on a premise of a never ending psychological romance. No matter how minute or immense an object was, it is evident that in this particular story it had a profusion of importance to Hawthorne; clearly Hawthorne anticipated that each symbol would have a great impact for each reader in order for him or her to form their own conclusions of each event. Undoubtedly, through his descriptive writing Hawthorne invites the readers into his fictional world where they will unexpectedly explore multiple interpretations and possible connections among the characters and certain symbolic ambiguities waiting to be discovered within each scene.
Additionally, Hawthorne initiates his narration by introducing the awareness of the Forrest, making it an obvious representation. Clearly it represents evil in the world similar to the Puritan’s analogy that the woods are inhabited by the...

... middle of paper ...

...this point in the story Young Goodman Brown came to the realization that most individuals fail to stay strong and true to their principles. Perhaps after his imaginary veil was removed he mourned pursuing his curiosity instead of living in his previous well-lived fantasy world where mostly everyone appeared to be righteous.
In conclusion, Hawthorne’s dark psychological romance, filled with symbolism and ambiguity, truly left an impact on each reader. With the assistance of the author’s delicate insinuations and centered on the audience’s own analogies, readers grew to apprehend and appreciate the dilemmas with morality of Young Goodman Brown and equally their own. As an added bonus, through his writing techniques, Hawthorne leaves the audience vulnerable and vigilant of their existent and forthcoming environments; thus, leaving them intrigued to read further along.

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