Final Evaluation of Service Learning Experience for Project SHINE Essay

Final Evaluation of Service Learning Experience for Project SHINE Essay

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Project SHINE deals with integrating immigrants and refugees into this country. African Family Health Organization (AFAHO) is the name of the site I was placed in through project SHINE. Students volunteering for project SHINE are instructed to teach ESL without having been previously licensed to do so. Student teaching learners English do not go too indebt when dealing with the English language. We are told not to go deep into grammar, as the learners are there to generally become comfortable with the English language. Whether it is from learning the alphabet, months of the year, how to ask for help, read street signs, and count change at the grocery store the learners surely do learn a lot and in my experience have obtained a lot of valuable information. My experience with the organization in which I was placed was perfection. My site coordinator, Rebecca always had uplifting words to share from the learners. I originally didn’t feel as if my partner and I were doing that great of a job until Rebecca told us how everyone was raving about how they would have been more proficient in English had they had my partner and I since last year! The site itself was a bit unorganized with times for our first meeting, but that was scheduled in haste. My partner and I mainly had an issue with space. The room we were assigned was not equipped for the amount of students we had and kept accumulating. The learners seemed to be fine with the extra chairs in the room and me having to stand for two hours wasn’t too treacherous.
I would most definitely recommend this organization to another student interest in service learning. The patience I have grown to understand the value of, relationships built with immigrants, and basic life skills created for...

... middle of paper ...

...ntastic, and I don’t always feel good about my many volunteer experiences.
Prior to beginning my service experience I would say that I wish this class was more hands on in helping students find a service site rather than kind of toss students out into the lions den. Now I understand the importance of being independent in finding a site that bets fits the individual. Having complete responsibility for planning the volunteer experience proved to be beneficial in many ways. As a biology major I’m not so sure teaching ESL would be beneficial to other CST majors, but my interest in serving the community was and will continue to be fulfilled though project SHINE. My specific site may be helpful to my major, as health is incorporated. Students should be mentally prepared to give up their time and perform to the best of their ability when preparing for this experience.

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