Final Argument by Clifford Irving Essay

Final Argument by Clifford Irving Essay

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Final Argument
1. The title of this book is Final Argument, which reflects on the story its self. The book is about a lawyer named Ted Jaffe that is living a life of success, but due to recent events he is pulled back to a case that occurred twelve years ago. If he doesn’t act fast, a potentially innocent man (Darryl Morgan) is going to be executed. Ted must make a Final Argument on the bases that Darryl is innocent and didn’t receive a fair trial due to bribery and corruption.

2. Most of the book takes place in Jacksonville, a small town in Florida where the original trial of Darryl Morgan took place. The setting details a calm, sunny, and relaxing Florida but as the story progresses the setting transitions into a grime state of paranoia and conspiracy. “The Gulf skies were swollen with heat, the air was gummy and breathless.” (198). The Author really wants to give you a feel of the Era in which this book takes place and goes into great detail about it.

3. The first and main character is Ted Jaffe, a Jewish lawyer who spends the entirety of the book on a pursuit to prove Darryls Innocents. He is a brilliant man and comes into his own while in the courtroom but outside he struggles with family problems and guilt from his past. He is also very determined and goes out of his way for the betterment of others, even if it means it will harm him. ”I wanted to shut my eyes. I wanted to run away. I felt Darryl, at my side, staring up at me. I could see the wide wondering look of Judge Fleming. I felt Toba’s presence in the courtroom as a red-hot iron searing my flesh. But I went forward, because there was no choice.” (326). He is in an everlasting battle between doing the right thing and taking care of his curren...

... middle of paper ... do everything in his power to prevent the execution of taking place. This conflict further develops after Ted starts uncovering disturbing details about the case, and after he sees Eric Sweeting failed execution he is alarmed that this may occur to Darryl if he doesn’t act fast.
10. The theme of the story is that people will do anything for their loved ones even though it means it will hurt other people that are innocent. The quote “How brave. How desperate. How insane. To keep her son from a manslaughter charge that might have turned into murder, she would scar herself and send another man to his death” (328) describes how Connie did everything she could to protect her son Neil, despite the fact that she would be hurting an innocent man. This theme is very true and applies in many situation where people are carelessly blamed from crimes that they didn’t commit.

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