The Final Adventure Of Huckleberry Finn

The Final Adventure Of Huckleberry Finn

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As Huck and Jim's journey progresses, the river, which once seemed a paradise and a source of freedom, becomes merely a short-term means of escape that pushes Huck and Jim further toward danger and destruction. Jim was captured but Huck broke him out to that so-called freedom once again. Now, they were now on their great quest lighting out for the west, but they knew something was out of its nature. They noticed the current of the river picked up out of no where, something that looked like the beginning of a tsunami. They held on for dear life, as the raft was shaking in means of destruction. It stayed intact for a good time but suddenly the once calm river to freedom ended picking up waves. Huck, never seen anything like this since his whole journey.
In a matter of moments the waves were getting bigger then the surrounding trees. Huck and Jim were frightened as everything they had to survive, that was on the raft, went flying off into the water. Soon after that, the raft got swept by a wave and got flown three hundred feet in the air. When it was airborne Huck and Jim both got thrown off and landed on the bank of the river near sixteen ripe bushes of berries. They were both very angry as their struggle for survival with the raft had come to an end. Since they landed near some fruit, that fact didn't bother to cross any of their minds. They were hungry and had to eat. Without seeing what kind of berries they were, they just starting eating like caged animals.
About a half hour later, they were done eating all the berries on the trees and a shadowy figured appeared in the background of the forest. The figure walked over and Huck started asking questions to the mysterious figure. They were both frightened because they found out the figure was someone they only heard of in myths. Someone that was almost too unreal to be true. He was the evil black samurai called Mr. Wiggles. Wiggles told Huck and Jim that the berries they ate were one of the most poisonous berries in the world and they are going to kill them in the next 48 hours. This made them feel very uncomfortable because it looked like both of lives are going to come to a dramatic end.

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Huck wanted to know what the deal was with the river going out of control. Wiggles couldn't speak any English, only in a deep southern slave tone that only Jim would understand. Jim told Huck that the reason for the river going out of control because there was a huge chunk of a mountain they were near came flying down the mountain ridge and landed in the water just about 300 feet from where they were. The piece of rock was so enormous it was bigger then the width of the whole river and caused a huge combustion in the river hitting the bottom of the river. He was confused to find out how the man knew so much about this. So Jim asked him, "How would you know so much about the river and its being?" Wiggles replied:
"I was the one that did it, but not on purpose. I was practicing my ancient samurai skills and I got blind sided by a huge monkey that randomly flew past my head and I had to look. I lost all concentration and my sword went flying and hit the foundation of my home. Unfortunately, my home is at the end of the mountain and caused the mountain to basically have an avalanche. Sorry if I ruined your journey."
Huck and Jim found out how the odd uproar was solved in the river, but the fact that they were dieing in two days made them sick to their stomachs. Wiggles told them there was an antidote for it but it was at the highest point of a redwood tree about two miles away. They had no choice but to brainstorm ideas on how they were going to get it because they had nothing to do in the first place.
Huck and Jim had enough of Wiggles because they got all the information they needed, so they just started sprinting in the direction of the tree. Huck had a steady speed while Jim was trying to show off sprinting about 2 times faster then Huck. Jim looked back making faces at Huck, but since he wasn't paying attention, Jim ran right off a cliff and tumbled down a 1900 foot rocky mountain ridge hitting every single part of his body for about ten minutes. Huck was in despair because he just witnessed his best friend die, in all means, the worst he has ever seen anyone die.
Huck was all by himself once again in the middle of no where, weeping tears of sorrow, but he couldn't let even the death of his best friend hold him back. He ran to the redwood tree where Wiggles told him to go and there was nothing in sight. The only thing that could be seen was something that looked like a huge crater from another world. Huck walked over to it and looked down it and there stood the redwood tree. It was so deep down in the crater there was no way Huck could make it down there by himself. He had to try though because there was no one around at all. He didn't even know where he was, just somewhere off the coast of the Mississippi river. Huck was getting hungry again and dehydrated he needed a source of water. He went back to the river and started drinking the water. He got re-energized and ran back to the crater where the redwood tree was. Out of no where, Wiggles appeared and shot Huck in the chest with a flaming pitchfork and he fell down the crater to the pit of the crater where there were over a hundred dead bodies surrounded by the same berry trees that he ate. He was now at the trunk of the redwood tree were thee Huckleberry Finn met his demise.
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