Film Vs. Television : Film And Television Essay

Film Vs. Television : Film And Television Essay

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Growing up in the 90’s, a trip to the local Blockbuster store was a big deal. Pacing up and down the isles of the store, taking all the time in the world, trying to find the perfect combination of movies to rent out for the weekend, was always a time consuming and challenging task. After half an hour of critical decision making, you’d take your VHS tapes home, watch them, rewind them back to the start and drop them back in the returns slot, ready to be put back on the shelves for the next customer. Flash forward to 2016, at their fingertips, international audience members have an array of TV and movie streaming platforms such as Netflix, Stan and YouTube causing video, DVD stores and movie cinemas to go out of business and TV ratings to stumble. The film and television industry is a forever-changing discipline which relies heavily on technological advancements and global requirements. With that being said, career options and pathways within the film and television discipline are subject to change frequently resulting in new job openings and opportunities for people wishing to work in the film and TV area. This essay will investigate and assess the diminishing career opportunities and extensive challenges a new practitioner will encounter within this highly competitive and ever fluctuating discipline. While the precarious nature of the film and television industry is well-known, this essay with reinforce this pre-judgment with key analysis and investigation tools, establishing a grounded conclusion with all sectors considered and evaluated.

The development of motion picture complexity has been driven by a continuing technological evolution, ignited and manipulated by human initiative and inventiveness (Piccirillo, 2008) Recent tre...

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...obe on YouTube, manages the development of his own app ‘Beme’ plus involves himself doing video work with big companies such as Nike and Samsung.
The Film and Television discipline is an unpredictable and forever changing, yet growing industry, heavily influenced by technology advancements and societal needs. The rise of Netflix and other on demand online media platforms has collapsed the movie theatre market causing a shift in film and television distribution. Portfolio profiles are used by film and television industry workers to obtain and develop a sustainable creative freelance practice. Sherlyn Hii and Casey Neistat are both different yet appropriate examples of practitioners within the film and television discipline, who rely on a diverse range of film orientated jobs and personal networks to obtain work in this highly unpredictable industry.

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